Xbox One

Hope you all are still enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, and hopefully some of you are eagerly awaiting packages for the gadgets and games you splurged on during Black Friday. So to help you get rid of that itch to play with something new, we have two games launching this week on Xbox One. The games are Game of Thrones, and The Crew. Keep on reading for more info on the games.

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming

Game of Thrones is given to us by the lovely guys at Telltale. These guys are geniuses at taking hit pop culture shows and turning them into deep narrative gaming experiences. Unlike past versions of Telltale's interactive games, Game of Thrones will feature four playable characters as well as six episodes to churn out the story.

The game follows House Forrester which live in a fortress call Ironrath that's located in north Westeros. Each decision you make about one character can easily affect another. The game takes place concurrently with the fourth season of the television show. Game of Thrones launches this Wednesday, December 3 with episode 1 of 6.

The Crew

Drive across America

The Crew is an open world driving game made by Ubisoft. It is said that the world is so big that it takes around 90 minutes to drive from one side of the map to the other. Not only is this world huge, but it is a persistent online experience so that you never feel alone in this vast landscape. The game also features tons of customization options for cars so that you never run into anyone that has a car just like yours.

The Crew focuses on the premise of creating a Crew. Once you and friends have a Crew setup, you guys can participate in races and events together to earn rewards and XP. The neat thing about being a part of a Crew is that when your friends are online playing, and you aren't, you still will level-up and win rewards for their accomplishments. The Crew becomes available tomorrow, December 2.

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