This super WEIRD monitor from LG has a 16:18 display, and for Cyber Monday it's $150 off

If you're looking for a new monitor this Cyber Monday, you might be interested in this frankly bizarre product called the LG DualUp. It's a monitor with a very unique 16:18 aspect ratio, resulting in a display resolution of 2560 x 2880. It's currently on sale for around $150 off for Cyber Monday, so grab it while you can!

LG DualUp |was $699now $551 at Amazon

LG DualUp | was $699 now $551 at Amazon

You ever used a 16:18 monitor before? Well, now's your chance. Featuring an incredibly weird 2560x2880 resolution and LG's excellent ergonomic stand, this monitor is supposed to increase your productivity by giving you two monitors in one.

✅Perfect for: Productivity workflows, scrolling long webpages or documents, using as a secondary monitor

❌Avoid if: You tend to play games or watch a lot movies & TV on your monitor. This aspect ratio will do you no favors.

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A super weird monitor that enhances productivity

(Image credit: LG)

According to LG, the DualUp is a more efficient use of virtual desk space when using your PC. LG argues that much of the content you consumer on a computer these days is formatted horizontally, so a taller display enables the ability to see more of that content on screen at once.

We've seen this a little bit with PC makers slowly moving to 16:10 and 3:2 aspect ratios, which are slightly taller than the common 16:9 displays you're probably used to. but 16:18 takes things to a whole new level, essentially bundling the equivalent of two 16:9 displays bolted together vertically.

In fact, one of the features of the DualUp is the ability to display two sources at once in that above and below configuration, essentially giving you two monitors in one. It also supports HDR10 content, and has USB-C Type C input with 90W of power delivery to keep your laptop charged.

I've had my eye on the LG DualUp for a while, because I like the idea. The monitor even comes with LG's excellent ergo-stand, which is able to swivel and adjust in any way you like, meaning you can position the monitor where you find it most comfortable. 

For me, I'm going to use it as a secondary monitor for monitoring Slack or TweetDeck, as I think it's perfectly suited for that. 

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