Diablo 4 was made for an ultrawide monitor — my favorite is on sale at Amazon

I made a somewhat huge discovery for myself earlier this year while playing Diablo 4 when I switched from using my regular 27-inch monitor to a 49-inch ultrawide one. My window into Sanctuary suddenly widened dramatically, allowing me to see awaiting enemies, branching paths, and other exciting things farther away from my avatar. Since then, I haven't been able to go back to playing Diablo 4 on a regular monitor. It feels so limiting and doesn't give the best playing experience. 

Fortunately for anyone interested in making the change to ultrawide, Amazon Prime Day has given us the best 4K ultrawide computer monitor deals, and one of my favorite ultrawide gaming monitors has dropped to a far more reasonable price. You can grab it now while it's $360 off.

I can see so much more of Sanctuary when playing Diablo 4 on an ultrawide monitor. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
Alienware Ultrawide Curved 38-inch (AW3821DW): $1,259 $899 at Amazon

Alienware Ultrawide Curved 38-inch (AW3821DW): was $1,259 now $899 at Amazon

This fantastic IPS gaming monitor offers up to 144Hz refresh rates with 1ms response times for a speedy and smooth viewing experience. It also supports HDR  600 for amazing color accuracy; at 1440p, your visuals will come through crisp and clear. This is the lowest price it's ever been at Amazon, and that ultrawide screen will really help you see more in whatever game you play on it. 

Price check: Walmart $1,089

Dell UltraSharp Curved Monitor (U4924DW):$1,999now $1,482 at Walmart

Dell UltraSharp Curved Monitor (U4924DW): was $1,999 now $1,482 at Walmart

It was on this panel that I first experienced Diablo 4 on an ultrawide monitor. It isn't a gaming monitor at all, only offering a 60Hz refresh rate. Still, it works well with the hellish game, delivering vibrant color very accurately and offering a respectable 5ms response time. Plus, it gets plenty bright to display game imagery well. The stand is relatively easy to assemble, and there are plenty of ports to attach whatever accessories and peripherals you might want.

Price check: Amazon $1,484

What to look for in an ultrawide gaming monitor

Diablo 4 on an ultrawide monitor. (Image credit: Windows Central)
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Ever since I first had my own computer setup, I've always had multiple monitors attached to my computer tower. I'm a huge multitasker, you see, and so I love being able to allocate a specific task to each screen. However, earlier this year I tried out my very first ultrawide monitor while working on my Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor review, and I fell in love with it.

Shortly after receiving the ultrawide monitor, I ended up playing the Diablo 4 beta, and the experience of jumping between playing Diablo 4 on a 27-inch display versus a 49-inch one was mind-blowing. I could see so much farther away from my character, allowing me to more easily make my way through Sanctuary's labyrinthine paths or get a good view of a horde of enemies before I came upon them. 

Returning to playing Diablo 4 on my 27-inch display felt so limiting, narrowing my field of vision into the hellish adventure. I haven't been able to go back to playing on my 27-inch display since. Thankfully, there were other ultrawide monitors to help me, like the Alienware Ultrawide Curved 38-inch (AW3821DW). It wasn't as wide as the 49-inch Dell I first used, but that wasn't a problem. 

When choosing an ultrawide monitor for gaming, you want to watch for several features. Better color accuracy and a stronger contrast ratio will help show vibrant and crisp gaming visuals to the best effect, with lights and darks being given dynamic balance against each other. Meanwhile, making sure the display can reach a decent brightness level between 300 nits and 600 nits will ensure you can make details out better. 

When it comes to latency and speed, the faster the refresh rate and screen response time of the monitor, the better. The Alienware Curved Gaming Monitor's 144Hz is very respectable, but there are also much faster displays if you want them. Additionally, suppose you have a compatible AMD or NVIDIA graphics card. In that case, it's good to get a monitor with FreeSync and/or G-Sync, too, as this allows the GPU to upscale the imagery to reduce stuttering and tearing while you play. That way, you'll have smooth gameplay and a wider view in Diablo 4.

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