Best gifts and accessories for Gears of War fans

One of the coolest things about Gears of War is its community. It's one of the most inked games on the market, and its weapons, iconography and characters are some of the most recognizable in the industry.

With Gears of War 4 out of the gate (and reviewed), we decided to put together a list of all the great Gears of War accessories and merchandise you can pick up either for yourself or your closest Gears of War die-hard friend for the holiday season.

Gears of War Xbox One S

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The hot-ticket item on this list is the Gears of War Xbox One S. This incredible custom console comes in limited quantities, so be sure to decide whether or not to pick it up as soon as possible!

The Gears of War Xbox One S comes with the Ultimate Edition of Gears of War 4, including all previous entries in the series and the game's season pass. It's also custom painted with gritty Gears of War designs and features scratch marks laser-cut on both the controller and the console itself. It also features custom sounds for the disc tray and power button, and comes with all the impressive Xbox One S features you'll no doubt expect.

This is the ultimate gift for any Gears of War fan, and it's available for $449.99.

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Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition

The Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition is also limited in quantity, so make your decision fast!

The Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition comes with a huge and meticulously detailed JD Fenix statue with LED lights, a Frag Grenade key chain, a copy of the Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition, and an exclusive lithograph. It also comes with three Gear Packs which reward in-game items.

The Gears of War 4 Collector's Edition clocks in at $249.99.

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Gears of War HyperX CloudX Revolver headset

HyperX make some incredible Xbox One headsets, but none are as awesome looking as their Gears of War Edition HyperX CloudX Revolver headset.

Boasting premium materials, next-level comfort and incredible audio quality, the HyperX CloudX Revolver headset isn't just beautiful, it's an awesome Xbox One sound solution. If you're still unconvinced, see our full review right here.

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Gears of War Elite Controller

Just as awesome and meticulous as the Gears of War Xbox One S, the Gears of War Elite Controller is designed top to bottom with Gears fans in mind.

Laser cut slash marks, deep crimson body work and carry case, with rust-colored Elite paddles, this Limited Edition controller is selling out fast at $199.99, so be quick!

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Gears of War Replica Lancer

As modelled by Xbox's dashing Josh Stein.

As modelled by Xbox's dashing Josh Stein.

My personal favorite, a 1:1 scale replica Lancer! The iconic Chainsaw Lancer helped drive Gears of War into one of the industry's most recognizable franchises, and Microsoft has re-issued the 1:1 scale Lancer for the masses.

Officially licensed by Microsoft, this Lancer features glowing lights, adjustable triggers, and levers, complete with a hand-painted finish. It even comes with a removable flashlight if you're planning to take your casual cosplaying to the next level.

The official Lancer Replica is available for pre-order from $149.99.

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Gears of War POP! figures

Gears of War POP!

Who'd have thought Gears of War could be this cute?

POP! Games do a whole range of cutesy figurines celebrating various video game franchises, and they have quite an extensive collection for Gears of War! All the latest characters have been immortalized in high-quality plastics, perfect for showing off your Gears of War allegiances.

POP! Figures start from around $9.99, or you can purchase them in bulk for a discount.

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Gears of War... shower curtain?

Okay, this might be a little far-fetched, but I was so surprised I felt I couldn't not include it.

Yes, there is a Gears of War shower curtain on Amazon. If you're a big enough Gears of War fan that you want to take your admiration into the bathroom with you, this is the purchase for you.

It is 66 inches wide by 72 inches tall, with 12 holes to which standard C-shaped shower curtain hooks can attach. The company says this waterproof, polyester fabric shower curtain will help create a comfortable bathroom environment. I'm not sure exactly how it will do that, but it looks pretty awesome regardless!

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Gears of War novels

Gears of War has a range of cult novels written by Karen Travis in collaboration with the developers of Gears of War, and here they are in publication order!

Gears of War: Aspho Fields

As kids, the three of them were inseparable; as soldiers, they were torn apart. Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago fought alongside Dom's elder brother, Carlos at Aspho Fields in the epic battle that changed the course of the Pendulum Wars. It is a new war that needs to be fought now; a war for mankind's very survival. But while the last human stronghold on Sera braces itself for another onslaught from the Locust Horde, ghosts came back to haunt Marcus and Dom, as the return of an old comrade threatens to dredge up an agonizing secret Marcus has sworn to keep.As the beleaguered Gears of the Coalition of Ordered Governments take a last stand to save mankind from extinction, the harrowing decisions made at Aspho Fields have to be relived and made again. Marcus and Dom can take anything the Locust Horde throws at them - but will their friendship survive the truth about Carlos Santiago?

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Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant

After a brutal fifteen-year war for survival, the Coalition of Ordered Governments is forced to destroy mankind's last city in a final bid to stop the Locust Horde. As the survivors flee Jacinto, they must contend with the last of the Locust, bent on vengeance, as they struggle to stay alive in an icy wilderness.Marcus Fenix, Dom Santiago, and their fellow Gears fight to get Jacinto's refugees to a safe haven, but find themselves in a lawless new world where the enemy is human–and as desperate and dangerous as any grub.

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Gears of War: Anvil Gate

With the Locust Horde apparently destroyed, Jacinto's survivors have begun to rebuild human society on the Locusts' stronghold. Raiding pirate gangs take a toll—but it's nothing that Marcus Fenix and the Gears can't handle. Then the nightmare that they thought they'd left behind begins to stalk them again. Something far worse, something even the Locust dreaded, has emerged to spread across the planet, and not even this remote island haven is beyond its reach.Gears and Stranded must fight side by side to survive their deadliest enemy yet, falling back on the savage tactics of another bloody siege—Anvil Gate.  

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Gears of War: Coalition's End

When the Locust Horde burst from the ground fifteen years ago to slaughter the human population of Sera, mankind began a desperate war against extinction. Now after a decade and a half of bloody fighting, and with billions dead, the survivors—the Gears of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, along with a small band of civilians—have been forced to destroy their own cities and sacrifice their entire civilization to halt the Locust advance.The last-ditch measures have succeeded, but at an enormous cost: the survivors have been reduced to a handful of refugees. Escaping to a haven on the remote island of Vectes, they begin the heartbreaking task of rebuilding their devastated world. For a while, there's hope . . . making peace with old enemies, and once again planning for the future.But the short respite is shattered when Vectes comes under siege from an even deadlier force than the Locust—the Lambent, a hideous and constantly mutating life-form that destroys everything in its path. As the Lambent's relentless assault spreads from the mainland to the island, the refugees finally understand what drove the Locust from their underground warrens and sparked the global war.

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Gears of War: The Slab

Ten years after Emergence Day, as the Locust Horde advances on humanity's last defended area—Ephyra—in a bloody war that has seen billions die, Marcus Fenix does the unthinkable: he defies orders and abandons his post during a critical battle in a bid to rescue his father, weapons scientist Adam Fenix. But Adam is buried in the rubble during a ferocious assault on the Fenix mansion, and Ephyra falls to the enemy.Marcus, grieving for a father everyone believes is dead, is court-martialed for dereliction of duty and sentenced to forty years in the Coalition of Ordered Government's brutal maximum security prison, known simply as the Slab.

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Gears of War Loot Crate!

Loot Crate do an official Gears of War box of goodies, available through their website for $114.99.

The Loot Crate comes with a copy of the game, a 7 inch Lancer Replica and stand, a Gears of War hoodie, hat, and t-shirt, a pint glass featuring the red Gears of War Omen logo, and much more. Perhaps best of all, Gears of War socks. As someone who picked this up, it's a great purchase for Gears of War fans everywhere.

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Over to you!

Do you have any Gears of War accessories or merchandise? Drop a link in the comments below!

Gears of War 4 is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a pay-once, Xbox Play Anywhere title.

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