There are a ton of accessories available for your Oculus Rift, though most cost a pretty penny. If you're looking for a bunch of gear that doesn't cost more than $20 yet can ameliorate your VR experience, we've rounded up the best right here.

Keep Touch controllers safe: Asterion Touch grip

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Plastic Touch controllers get slippery, especially when you're in the heat of battle, and the last thing you want is to lose your grip. These silicone covers from Asterion slip over your controllers without getting in the way of any buttons, and they're available in two colors to fit your style.

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Quick cleanup: Microfiber cloths

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There's nothing worse than foggy or dirty Rift lenses. They obstruct your ability to focus on the action in the headset properly, and frankly, they're just gross. These cloths from SecurOMax won't scratch your Rift's lenses and you'll be glad you have them on hand after a couple of sessions.

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Additional facial comfort: VRCover

If you're not satisfied with the stock foam face gasket that comes with your Rift, you can add a padded cotton cover from VRCover. It's removable, can be washed with your clothes to keep it clean, and each kit actually contains two covers so that you won't go without while one is in the wash.

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Get your cables off the floor: KIWI design cable management

If you're sick of tripping over your VR cables — especially if you've added extensions — this cable management system from KIWI can help. You stick retractable cables to the ceiling and feed your Rift cable through the eyelets, and from there it's on autopilot. You'll still have enough slack to move around, but not enough so that the cables are in your way.

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Stylize your Rift: MightySkins vinyl skin

The plain black Rift is admittedly cool, but if it gets a bit boring, there are a bunch of vinyl wraps available from MightySkins. Included are pieces for the Rift front and headphone arms, as well as pieces for the Oculus remote and an Xbox controller. Pick from more than 25 designs to be sure you get something you like.

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Securely mount your sensors: SERMICLE mounting brackets

Permanently mounting your Rift sensors usually means they can't be adjusted, but not with these brackets from SERMICLE. They screw into your wall with three fasteners and provide 360-degree rotation for your attached sensors thanks to a ball joint. Each pack contains three brackets, so you're ready for a room-scale setup.

$11 at Amazon

Safely store your Rift: MIDWEC mount and organizer

It can be tough to find an appropriate place to keep your Rift when not in use, which is why MIDWEC makes this 3-piece mounting setup. It allows you to hang your Rift and Touch controllers on the wall out of the way, and the Rift hangs down so that no sunlight can damage the internal display.

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Keep your sensors adjustable: AceTaken swivel arm mount

If you find that you're constantly adjusting your Rift sensors, a flexible arm mount might be a great idea. This option from AceTaken clips onto the edge of your desk and provides 15 inches of flexibility. The Rift sensor screws into the end, and it can be rotated 360 degrees to get the best view of your playspace.

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Add six feet to your Rift cable: Monoprice HDMI extension

This 6-foot extension cable from Monoprice is essential for anyone looking to get a room-scale Rift setup going. Sure, the built-in cable on the head-mounted display is lengthy, but while you're twisting and turning in your VR space, you can run out of room quickly.

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Extend your sensors: Monoprice six-foot USB-A cable

If you're extending the HDMI cable on your head-mounted display, you'll no doubt also want to extend the USB cable to match. This one from Monoprice is recommended by Oculus and can be also be used to reach a third or fourth sensor at the back of your room-scale VR space.

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Keep cables in order: Mega Stationers cable clips

With all those extra cables running around your VR space, a bit of cable management can't hurt. These rubber clips have three channels in each piece to hold multiple cables and stick down with single-use adhesive tape. Each pack comes with eight clips and you get an 18-month money-back guarantee.

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Clear vision: Jaws Quick Spit anti-fog spray

Dealing with foggy Rift lenses is a serious pain and a problem that affects a large majority of VR users. Heading into the Rift can be a physical endeavor, and having what is essentially a hot mask over your face doesn't lend itself well to ventilation. To help cut down on the fog that ruins games and causes frustration, try applying some anti-fog spray to your lenses once in a while.

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If we're making some suggestions

All of the above accessories can improve your time in the Oculus Rift, and the fact that none are more than $20 means you should be able to get a few to start. If you don't know where to go first, we suggest grabbing some microfiber cloths to keep your lenses clean, some Asterion Touch grips to keep the controllers safely in hand, and an eight-pack of cable clips to ensure your VR space doesn't turn into a bird's nest with all the extra cables running from your PC to your Rift.

If you're in search of some other Rift hardware that isn't necessarily cheaper than $20, be sure to have a look at our roundup of the best overall best Rift accessories.

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