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Best cases for the Lumia 950 XL

There are several different styles of case available for your Lumia 950 XL, from wallet styles to thin-fit to heavy duty, each one offering something different for all kinds of people. Need lots of protection? You'll probably want a rugged case. Need something to match your outfit? The leather back cases will probably be right up your alley.

Which kind of case do you love best? Need some help figuring it out? We've rounded up the best cases of all varieties to protect your Lumia 950 XL from everyday wear and tear.

Update 2 January 2017: We've refreshed this list to ensure you're still getting the best cases available now for your Lumia 950 XL!

Cimo heavy duty case

The Cimo heavy duty case is constructed with durability in mind. Its premium silicone and polycarbonate body will absorb any shocks your phone encounters during the day, and the beveled front edges keep the screen from being scratched if you lay your phone down on its face. The back of the case is dimpled, which keeps it in place if you set it down on a slick surface. When you hold it in your hand, it will stay in place even if your palms are sweaty.

The case covers the buttons on the side of the Lumia 950 XL, but you won't have any problems pressing them, and, unlike some other cases, each button is distinct. There's a cutout for the camera, speaker, and microphones on the back, and the entirety of the display remains uncovered.

For dual-layer, shockproof protection for your Lumia 950 XL that won't break the bank, check out the Cimo heavy duty. It will set you back about $8.

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Mozo leather back cover

Mozo leather back cover

This genuine leather back cover for your Lumia 950 XL is a stunner. It replaces the regular back cover of your phone with one made from a unique piece of leather and keeps all wireless charging functionality intact.

The sides of the case — and now the sides of your phone — are made from a metal-coated polycarbonate, which sets off the leather backing and gorgeous 950 XL display. People will be asking you where they can buy this case, especially when they take a closer look and see the fine stitching around the outer edge.

Although this case might not be the best protection against drops, it sure looks great. Because it replaces the back of the phone, it's about as slim as possible. For the best minimalist case made from real leather, check out the Mozo leather back cover. It starts at about $50, but it sure is worth it.

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Incipio NGP case

There's a reason why this translucent polymer case has a near-perfect rating in the Microsoft Store: users rave how snugly it fits the Lumia 950 XL, so much so that you might not even notice it's on your phone.

The case has a raised bezel which will protect your screen if you like to set your phone on its face, and has separate cutouts on the back for the speaker and camera. Unlike some other cases, the microphone holes on top and bottom of the back of the phone are cut out individually, rather than a single cutout.

Although this case costs a bit more than other soft-shell cases — about $20 — its durable construction will last you a long time, and its snug fit won't soon loosen.

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Mozo notebook flip cover

Like the Mozo leather back cover, this notebook flip cover also replaces the entire back of your Lumia 950 XL. The actual cradle that fits over your 950 XL's insides is made of plastic, but the rest of the case is assuredly genuine leather — and boy does it look and feel great.

Unlike other flip cases that open side to side, this one flips open from top to bottom; sort of like a notepad. This leaves your phone's buttons free to be pressed even with the lid closed.

There is a cutout for the camera and front earpiece — the front and rear microphones and rear speaker all have distinct holes rather than large cutouts that really make this case look fancy.

The inside flap of the case has a slot for a card for those nights when you only need the bare essentials. If your outfit requires a matching accessory, you can get this case in either brown, black, or red.

This case starts at about €60, which is a pretty great deal considering you're getting genuine leather and quality construction.

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Orzly Fusion bumper case

Orzly has combined the best of the bumper world and the showcase world with this Fusion case. It has a rubber rim that will protect your phone from dreaded corner drops, but it also has a hard, clear plastic back that shows off your beautiful Lumia 950 XL.

The rim of the case has a bezel around the front, which means you can set your phone on its face without having to worry about scratches. All buttons are left uncovered, so you won't be fumbling to hit the volume or turn on the screen. There is a cutout for the camera, speaker, and microphones on the back so that you won't lose any function there, either.

The case is actually pretty slim, which many of you will love, and the snug fit ensures your phone won't be rattling around. The rubber rim, on top of protecting against drops, also keeps your phone in place when you set it down on a slick surface, or when your hands are a bit moist.

If it's protection from a bumper case you need, but it's a clear case you want, you have to check out the Orzly Fusion — it starts at about $20.

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OEAGO rugged case

Some people are really hard on their phone — whether their job demands it, or whether they're just unlucky, sometimes a rugged case is necessary. Enter the OEAGO rugged case. Even at first glance, you can tell this thing is going to protect your Lumia 950 XL.

The case is made from two parts: a soft inner sleeve that protects against shocks while riding around in your pocket or purse, and a hard outer shell that will keep your phone safe from drops and impacts. The corners of the case are double-thick to offer great protection against those dreaded corner drops that are sometimes inevitable.

The back of the OEAGO rugged case has a built-in kickstand to prop your phone up; perfect for kicking back during a break to watch a few videos. The edges of the case are ribbed to make gripping easier, and this thing won't be slipping if you set it down on a slick surface. Even though the case is bulky, the buttons on the side of the phone remain easy to press.

The OEAGO is available in six colors and starts at about $30; not a bad price for the best rugged case for your Lumia 950 XL.

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Nillkin Nature case

There are two reasons why this case is called Nature: it uses non-toxic TPU in its construction, and it retains the natural look of your Lumia 950 XL. Its translucent, smooth design ensures everyone will know what phone you're using, but the sides are frosted with an anti-slip texture that ensures you won't drop the phone.

A bezel runs around the screen to keep it from getting scratched if you usually set your phone face-down. Cutouts for the buttons on the side of the phone ensure you won't have a hard time changing the volume or turning on your screen, and cutouts for the camera, microphones, and speaker keep everything working smoothly.

This is a super-thin case, so much so that you'll really have to look twice to ensure it's there. If you're worried about the environment and keeping your Lumia 950 XL on display, check out the Nillkin Nature case. It starts at about $9.

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Terrapin folio leather case

Even though the Terrapin folio is made of synthetic leather, you'd be hard pressed to tell. The stitching is intricate, which really sets off the cognac or black/brown color options available, and the texture is just like real leather.

Your phone sits in a plastic casing that keeps it securely fastened but leaves all buttons and ports free to be used. Your screen will stay protected if you toss your phone into bag or purse, as the case has a strong magnetic clasp holding the lid shut. The clasp won't be smacking you in the face while you make a call, as the magnet is reversible and will hold fast to the front cover.

Want to watch a video on your phone? Fold the case back and set your phone down for a built-in kickstand. Cool, but still not the best part. The inside flap of the case has a full four slots to keep all your cards in place, and a bill sleeve will hold all of your Benjamins.

This case might only be $14, but it looks like it cost a small fortune. If it's a full wallet case you're looking for, check out the Terrapin folio.

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  • Love posts like this! Although I have to say, I own all of these, and the black Jack Spade case is the nicest. Feels so great to hold and it looks awesome. My second choice is the cyan polycarbonate Mozo cover.
  • Jack Spade??? Which one is that?
  • The jack spade case stained my white 950xl Posted from my 950xl.........while on the can
  • I agree - I have the grey Jack Spade case and the silver edging detail gives it a premium look and feel. I get asked so many more questions about the phone with this case on compared to the Mozo ones I also use.
  • The Mozo Leather is superb, now wanting a zebra wood they add sooooo much to the appearance, and as the write up states people comment on it all the time, never had a negative
  • Does the Moto Leather support QI? Thanks for the article. Just bought a 950xl and was looking for cases.
  • Yes it does, and ncf
  • And unlike many other replacement back covers, you don't have to peel off the coils from the original back cover. It comes with its own coils. The metal-like side trim is also a lot more durable than I thought it would be. I've had mine for a year, and it's still looking pretty fantastic.
  • My only negative was the buttons. They suddenly went 'wonky' one day - whatever they used to stick the entire button assembly in place inside the case gave way between the vol up and power buttons - which spoilt the classy effect a bit. I've got a zebra wood one now, though, which looks mighty fine and seems to have more robust buttons.
  • Thats a shame, my leather buttons have helfd up well, the leather has darkened nicely also... can't wait for the zebra wood :)
  • So far, (9 months) mine have held up well. I really wish these were marketed more by Microsoft in the beginning. The Mozo covers make the device really look and feel premium, one of the major negative traits attributed to the 950 and 950xl in early reviews. Microsoft could have done a promotion like buy the phone, get your choice on a free back cover. Everyone would have had a premium looking conversation starter.
  • Wish the colourful Lumia covers would change the accent colour in the phone too, like the old Nokia days.
  • Look for Mozo color line. Supports both QI & NFC
  • I bought Incipio NGP case for me and Nillkin Nature case for my father. We switch them sometimes. Both are made with love and have perfect quality, and looks great ofc! Sry if my English is bad. :)
  • When do you plan to start selling Mozo covers at your shop?
  • I want a water IP68 + MIL-STD 810G case, so it get protected like HP elite X3.  
  • Stilgut has very nice cases too especially if you are searching for book case / wallet case.
  • I wish someone made a wallet case for the 950 XL with a detachable casing, so we could have the protection and functionality of a wallet case, and also the convenient compatibility with car mounts.  I haven't seen any wallet cases for the 950 XL that work with car mounts.
  • And while you're taking photos. I hated taking photos and holding out the wallet flap when I used a wallet case.
  • That would be awesome! I haven't been able to find anyting like that, but I've also never seen anything like that for other phones?
  • They are fairly common.  Even the Lumia 950 has one, but not the 950 XL.
  • I had the Caseformers case and it only lasted a couple of months before the black bumpers on the corners started to crack off in pieces and the hinge of the chintzy kickstand started cracking out across the back of the case. There is also no internal shock layer to this case. I have since just purchased a Mozo leather back and could not be happier with it.  
  • Same here! Mine only had a fracture on the back, but I decided just v to use the leather cover.
  • The 'Krusell, from Sweden, is an excellent choice too. It match the specs given on the "Terrapin Folio...." It looks like made of genuine leather (maybe it really is !! ). It has also 3 card slots and a bill pocket ...
  • The Incipio NGP case seems to be working well so far. I liked my Incipio case for my 1520, so decided to go with the same.
  • My Mozo tan/cognac cover is great to hold, but the sides wear quickly. Id like a wood one next though, better sides.
  • For my 1520 and then my 950xl, I used a tetded red leather flipcase, which looked and felt amazing. Customer service was brilliant too - mentioned that there were no cut outs for the mics on the first 950 shipment and they sent me a revised case within a week. Finally got sick of the flap, though, so have now got a mozo +nilkin screen protector.
  • I was disappointed with the Mozo leather cases, they don't stand up to day to day wear. The leather starts to rub off after several monthsand the colour comes off the edges, really expected more considering the price.
  • Not sure what you do to your phone, but I have a Mozo leather cover on my 950 that I got a year ago (almost to the day), and mine still looks great. The edges of the corners have very minor scuffing, but other than that, it looks pretty fantastic.
  • Mine sits in my pants pocket when out and about every day and on my desk otherwise. I have yet to have any significant wear after about six months. I am sure it will come but I assume the wear will just add to the brown leather's character. So far however, it looks just as good as the day I put it on.
  • Mine self-destructed after about a month and a half... Stains on the leather from where I held it, and the silver "edges" wore off. I wanted to like it, but it doesn't work so good if you're a heavy phone user.
  • Need to point out which cases still allow you to use the built in wireless charging. That would help out a lot.
  • I bought the Incipio case but I thought it felt too stiff safe the edges too sharp. Aldo, I felt the buttons were hard to press. So, I don't use it any more. Removed the glass screen protector, too. Now, my XL wears only It's birthday suit.
  • I might be more careful with my phone than some others but I can say that I have been using the graphite gray Caseformers cover for months and it looks and works great. I've dropped my phone 5 or 6 times and the phone itself is like new.
  • I don't know why, I still cant find a simple but high quality clear TPU case for Lumia 950/XL
  • I like OEAGO and Mozo.
  • all of the above is just ugly option is very limited for lumia cases. the official lumia partner MOZO is only interested in making replacement case but not the protective case.
  • Orzly Fusion bumper case is the way to go!
  • I have that one too. Great looking case although I find it scratches easily which makes it look a bit scruffy after a while.
  • A while ago I made a thread asking for good wallet style cases and I was recommended: I've been using it since July and it has been holding up fine so far. I'm pretty happy with it. 
  • That's the one I have.  I love it.    
  • The last one in the list is sold under several names. I have the exact same thing with the name "CoverOn".
  • I own the Incipio NGP casefor the 950 XL ​ and though it's great I find myself comming back to the standard phone.So So the cheap standard plastic cover has grown on me .... so anyone nows where I can get a standard back cover with another color?
  • You can find them on Amazon but they are expensive.
    However, Ali express has some "fake" ones. They don't have nfc or wireless charging. I'm looking into getting the black one as I have white. Hopefully their quality is decent.
  • For my 950 XL I have two MOZO Flip Cases, one in Black (Golf version) and the Brown. Love the leather, the vertical flip, the QI, the silver edges on both. And lastly, like the way it protects the screen.
  • I have the Mozo leather back on my 950 and my wife has the Mozo leather flip case on her 950 XL and both have been great. Additionally, when the 950 XL case was defective (glue came loose on one of the magnets used to hold it closed) Mozo was great about it and had a replacement case out here in a matter of a few days via international air freight.
  • Been wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to Mozo. Right now I have the Terrapin
    Lumia 950 XL Case - Terrapin Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Cover - Full Body Shock Resistant Armor Case - High-Tech Look - Dual Layer - Kickstand - Dark Blue (phew). It's not offensive but, it does feel kinda cheap.
  • The article leaves out a really nice Ghostek Cloak case which typically sells for $20. I ordered a white back cover on eBay and swapped out my charging coils just so I could have the Cloak silver brushed aluminum frame on white. Looks great and protects the phone well. (See my avatar for a tiny photo of how it looks on the 950. Much more impressive in full size/up close.)
  • Can anyone recommend a clear cover with some grip that will fit nicely over the brown leather Mozo cover? Love the Mozo cover, but is super slippery.
  • I have one by the same company on my 950. You quickly forget it's even there. I love TPU clear cases.
  • I have the OEAGO rugged case - love the kickstand, especially with the 950XL's big screen. I'm getting a mobile keyboard to do on-the-go work while my phone's in landscape mode, and for Continuum.
  • I went with "no case at all". I've had the phone for 4 months now and not a single spot or scratch to be seen. For all the build quality whining I read about the 950XL it's a pretty solid phone. Apart from some dust in speaker holes it's still in pristine condition.
  • Any idea of how to clean the dust off the speaker?
  • Dropped mine from 3 foot (missed my pocket) onto carpet and the screen cracked. Don't risk it any longer, you've just been lucky so far.
  • For non-xl 950 user, there is a pretty and high quality case called tech21 evo check.
  • I have the Caseformers with kickstand, the Orzly Fusion, have had the Ghostek, and have the Mozo Black Leather with Black trim. The phone came off my Ram X Mount twice, once at 40 MPH, and again, at 85 MPH (they have since created a rubber band type accessory for that mount that prohibits the phone from flying loose on bumpy rides). Each time that case saved my phone, from damage (coupled with a Mr. Shield glass screen protector, with lifetime replacement warranty). The case gave up afte the 85 MPH tumble, and I rocked it sans case, with just the Mozo back, and accidentally dropped it from 3 ft. While walking to a Cubs game, and cracked the screen. Learned my lesson. Back in the second Caseformers case, for My Precious, ever since!
  • I have the Caseformers with kickstand, the Orzly Fusion, have had the Ghostek, and have the Mozo Black Leather with Black trim. The phone came off my Ram X Mount twice, once at 40 MPH, and again, at 85 MPH (they have since created a rubber band type accessory for that mount that prohibits the phone from flying loose on bumpy rides). Each time that case saved my phone, from damage (coupled with a Mr. Shield glass screen protector, with lifetime replacement warranty). The case gave up afte the 85 MPH tumble, and I rocked it sans case, with just the Mozo back, and accidentally dropped it from 3 ft. While walking to a Cubs game, and cracked the screen. Learned my lesson. Back in the second Caseformers case, for My Precious, ever since!