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Best Gaming Chairs for Kids Windows Central 2020

Playing video games can be an excellent way to teach your child how to problem solve and boost their fine motor skills. Gaming can not only be fun, but it can be extremely educational as well. What better way to motivate your child to learn than to buy them an excellent gaming chair? Allow your child to feel like they're genuinely part of the whole gaming experience with the perfect chair. An added benefit is that these chairs can be used for other activities such as reading and lounging as well. One chair that has it all in terms of style, comfort, and affordability is the Homall Gaming Chair.

Best Overall: Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair LifestyleSource: Homall Gaming Chairs

The Homall Gaming Chair is our best overall pick because it incorporates all of the features of an expensive gaming chair in a slightly smaller, more affordable version. It's an excellent choice for junior gamers. This chair measures at 20.9 x 23.7 x 52.2 inches, and it weighs an impressive 43 pounds. This is because of the high-quality materials from which it is made: high-density shaping foam, steel framing, and PU leather. As durable as this chair is, it is also comfortable. In fact, you can adjust the lumbar pillow to better suit your posture.

This chair can withstand a weight capacity of up to 260 pounds. It is an excellent choice for most kids as its sturdy build can withstand occasional bumps and tumbles. With that said, some Homall Gaming Chair owners mention that this chair can be a little top-heavy for those really small children, causing the chair to tip over occasionally.

The Homall Gaming Chair comes in a variety of bold accent colors, so your kid can personalize their chair by choosing their favorite color option. Another great feature is that your kids can adjust the degree of tilt and recline the chair with an easy pull of a knob. Cleaning this piece of furniture is a breeze as spills can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

If your child's room is carpeted, then this Homall Gaming Chair is an excellent option as it rolls well on the carpet and other types of flooring. It has been successfully roll-tested for 1000 miles. If, for some reason, your chair becomes damaged, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Rolls on carpet
  • 1-year warranty
  • High-density shaping foam interior


  • Top-heavy and can sometimes tip over

Best Overall

Homall Gaming Chair

Comfortable gaming chair that rolls on carpet

The durable Homall Gaming Chair easily rolls on carpet and features a high-density shaping foam interior for extreme comfort.

Best Value: Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker

Crew Furniture Rocker Gaming Chair LifestyleSource: Crew Furniture

The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker gaming chair is a remarkable and affordable chair for tight spaces. It's the perfect size for pre-teens and small adults. The chair itself weighs 17 pounds and can carry a sturdy 250 pounds of weight. It's vinyl, and mesh-covered wood frame ensures that it's also comfortable and durable.

This chair conveniently arrives preassembled and ready to go. Simply unbox it and start gaming. If your child is someone who likes to rock in their chair, then this may not be an excellent choice for them. Some Classic Video Rocker chair owners mention that it can tip over quite easily. With that said, if your kid does tip over and spills something on the chair, it is straightforward to wipe clean.

The Crew Furniture chair comes in fun colors, including red, black, blue, and green, to match your child's style. Another plus is that this chair is compact and easy to move around. It's great for reading and lounging, as well as gaming.


  • Small and compact
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Easy to clean


  • Can tip over easily

Best Value

Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker

Small gaming chair that comes in multiple bold colors

The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker gaming chair is high for junior gamers and comes in a variety of bold colors.

Best for Bluetooth: X Rocker 5128301

X-Rocker 5128301 Gaming ChairSource: Youtube via X-Rocker Gaming

The X Rocker 5128301 gaming chair is perfect for junior gamers who are ready to take their gaming experience to the next level. This chair measures at 33.1 x 24 x 40 inches and weighs a hefty 40.1 pounds. It features a built-in Bluetooth wireless receiver, which is an excellent way for your child to set the gaming mood by syncing their tunes from a cellphone to their chair. Another plus is that the chair can connect to other chairs, making playing online a lot more engaging.

Two built-in speakers and a hidden subwoofer allow your child to take their experience even further. It creates an opportunity for them to fully immerse themselves in the sounds of their game or movie.

This particular chair comes elevated on a pedestal base, which gives your kid the ability to swivel and tilt as you please. It is designed ergonomically and offers support in all of the right places for when you're gaming, engaging in desk work, or simply sitting. Some customers have stated that they would prefer if the chair had more cushioning for when they are sitting for long periods. It is also too small for individuals who are around 6-feet tall.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in speakers and subwoofer
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Pricey
  • Not enough cushion for long periods of sitting
  • Too small for taller teens

Best for Bluetooth

X Rocker 5128301

Gaming chair with built-in speakers and Bluetooth receiver

The X Rocker 5128301 gaming chair has a Bluetooth radio wireless receiver and two built-in speakers as well as a hidden subwoofer for the ultimate gaming experience.

Best for Racing Games: Playseat Evolution Racing Video Game Chair

Playseat Racing Gaming ChairSource: Playseat Store

The Playseat Evolution Racing Video Game Chair is an extremely versatile piece of furniture when it comes to compatibility with consoles. This gaming chair can effortlessly connect to Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and PC, which is excellent when wanting to lose yourself in the latest racing game. Your child can race through all types of tracks and terrain while feeling like they're actually seated in the driver's seat the whole time.

This Playseat racing chair measures at 4.72 x 4.72 x 22.05 inches and weighs in at approximately 3.31 pounds. Although this chair doesn't swivel, it does offer a comfortable and fully adjustable bucket seat and driver settings. It is ergonomically designed with the help of professional racecar drivers to give you the ultimate racing simulation experience. It comes equipped with hardware for the installation of a Logitech steering wheel and pedals.

Made from soft and durable high-quality vinyl, this chair is built to last. It features comfortable upholstered seats that mimic the appearance of leather. The framing on this chair is comprised of powder-coated steel, so you can ensure that although this chair is light, it is sturdy and safe.

When your child is taking a break from the track, the Playseat Evolution Racing Video Game Chair can be folded for easy storage. Customers have mentioned that upon arrival, this chair is easy to assemble. Although this chair seems smaller than expected, users of the Playseat are impressed with its ability to adjust to fit the needs of their children.


  • Compatible with almost every console and PC
  • Fully adjustable driver and seat settings
  • Designed with the help of professional racecar drivers
  • Easy to store between gaming sessions


  • Smaller than expected

Best for Racing Games

Playseat Evolution Racing Video Game Chair

Gaming chair designed for racing games

This Playseat is designed to make you lose yourself in the latest racing game with its comfortable seat and racecar appeal.

Best for Beginners: Extreme X Rocker

Extreme X-Rocker Gaming ChairSource: X-Rocker Gaming

The Extreme X Rocker is the perfect gaming chair for children who are just beginning their gaming obsession. It offers a fun gaming experience through its built-in speakers at a price that won't drain your bank account. It weighs 18.9 pounds, which allows for it to fit perfectly in your child's room. This chair is precisely engineered with gamers in mind, and it has a comfortable, curved design that contours your child's back.

This chair comes with built-in speakers and a volume control panel, which gives your kids some control over their gaming experience. Although the chair doesn't connect directly to a gaming console, it can be connected to your console via your TV, which connects to your chair for the ultimate gaming experience.

This chair is perfect for those small spaces as it arrives assembled and can be folded and stored away when you're not using it.

Something to note: Some Extreme X Rocker chair owners mention that there is not enough padding along the back and neck to keep you comfortable for long gaming sessions; however, this can easily be fixed with an additional pillow.


  • Built-in speakers
  • Engineered for gamers
  • Connects to TV
  • Can be folded and stored


  • Doesn't connect directly to console
  • Not enough padding along back and neck

Best for Beginners

Extreme X Rocker

Small gaming chair with built-in speakers

The Extreme X Rocker gaming chair is specially designed for gaming. It comes with built-in speakers and a volume control panel.

Best for Gaming With a Friend: X Rocker Extreme III

X Rocker III Extreme Source: X-Rocker Gaming

The X Rocker Extreme III gaming chair is excellent for including multiple friends in your gaming experience. This seat has the ability to connect with multiple chairs at a time. Activate the multi-game mode and enjoy hours of endless fun with your friends. Connect your chairs via the various input and output jacks and control individual volume and bass settings through the built-in control panel.

This chair can also be used to watch movies and listen to music as a group or by yourself. Your child will love using this versatile chair for a variety of activities. The X Rocker Extreme III comes prepared to deliver precise and crisp surround sound as it features two side facing speakers that are strategically placed in the headrest. This chair is also equipped with subwoofers that use the open space inside of the X Rocker to amplify the sound.

Compatible with almost every console, your child will have no problems connecting this chair and syncing it to their favorite games or movies. This gaming chair is ergonomically designed to make sitting for multiple hours comfortable for both your child's neck and back. Your child can enjoy losing themselves in an intense game without having to worry about straining their bodies.

This chair measures at 26 x 17.5 x 17 inches and weighs in at approximately 23 pounds. Some customers mention that the color comes slightly different than what is shown in the image.


  • Connects to multiple chairs for multi-game mode
  • Built-in speakers and subwoofer
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Color is slightly different

Best for Gaming With a Friend

X Rocker Extreme III

A small gaming chair that connects with other gaming chairs

The X Rocker Extreme III comes prepared for gaming with friends with its ability to connect to multiple chairs at a time.

Bottom line

Picking the perfect gaming chair for your child will not only score brownie points with your kid but will also allow you to ensure that your children are getting a chair that is designed to fuel their success and passion. Having the ability to lose yourself in a great story, whether it is a movie or a game, is a fantastic feeling.

A chair that looks and feels incredible may also help motivate your kid to want to sit at their desk to do their homework. That's why we recommend the Homall Gaming Chair as it can be used as a gaming chair as well as a desk chair, it comes in a variety of bold colors, and is ergonomically designed.

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