Best Raspberry Pi deals for 2021: starter kits, cases, and more!

Raspberry Pi Motherboard
Raspberry Pi Motherboard

So if you don't know, the Raspberry Pi is a sort of do-it-yourself mini computer. You start with the Raspberry Pi motherboard and add other things to it, including cases, and RAM, and microSD cards for storage. Most of the time, you get a starter kit that includes a lot of that stuff. But the joy of building it is that you can do pretty much anything you want. Most notably, these systems are used as retro gaming machines similar to the NES Classic or PlayStation Classic machines that were so popular a couple years ago. Of course, if you really want to get creative you can use them to do a whole lot of stuff, including robotics or teaching computer science or any number of other things. The only limit is your... imagination!

We know the Raspberry Pi 4 can even run Windows 11, and you could build yourself a Windows 11 computer right here with one of these great kits on sale.

There are several generations of the Raspberry Pi. The most recent version is the Raspberry Pi Pico, but the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B released in 2019 continues to be the most popular. It has the widest variety of cases and starter kits available (and, subsequently, the best deals). Each model can serve a purpose, though, so you'll want to see what features they have and what works best for you. Whatever deals we find will be listed here.

Best Raspberry Pi deals:


SunFounder Raspberry Pi starter kit | $4 off

Work with four programming languages: Python, C, Java, and Scratch. Includes detailed online tutorials for beginners, 65 projects with detailed diagrams and tested code, and over 220 items with 26 main modules.


CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Extreme Kit | $10 off

The kit comes with a 128GB Samsung Evo+ microSD card pre-loaded with NOOBS. There's a USB microSD card reader you can use as well. The kit includes an integrated fan mount, a low-noise bearing system fan, and more.

Best Raspberry Pi case deals:


GeeekPi Nes4Pi retro gaming case | $3 off

Clip the on-page coupon. Designed for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, the Nes4Pi case helps create the look and feel of a NES retro gaming machine. Even has a built-in fan to keep your Raspberry Pi cool.


Miuzei black and blue case | $2 off

The acrylic black and blue case is designed for only the Raspberry Pi 4. It doesn't block Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Comes with a large 35mm cooling fan and four heat sink pieces for cooling the system. Maintains easy access to all the ports and has rubber feet for a stable platform.


GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 metal cooling case with fan | 10% off

Designed to run your Raspberry Pi 4 build and keep it cool at the same time. The low-profile CPU cooler kit includes an LED fan that automatically changes color and a single-stack tower-style heatsink. The case itself also offers excellent heat dissipation.


Elecrow CrowPi Raspberry Pi sensor kit | $13 off

This version does not include the Raspberry Pi board. If you want the board included, you can get that version at a more expensive price (and $17 off). The CrowPi includes sensors, buttons, and output devices in one package. The case has great build quality with a solid ABS shell and iron hinges. The kit comes with step-by-step instructions including 21 video lessons available on YouTube for identifying components, reading code, and running the programs.

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