The best Windows gadgets of the week for July 5

We're testing the waters with a new series on connected devices and accessories that play nice with your Windows gear. Everything we showcase here will have been made available recently, and should enhance your experience with Microsoft stuff no matter your platform - desktop, tablet, mobile, Xbox - you name it.

Accessories span the range of new systems, games, controllers, cases, speakers, and anything in between. Take a gander at what we've found and let us know what you're digging!

BRAVEN Balance Bluetooth speaker (opens in new tab)

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Sound Blaster FRee


$400 iStabilizer

For those that are super-serious about shooting video with their Windows phone, there's a new three-axis motorized gimbal system that makes sure your shots are particularly smooth. Phones up to 3.5 inches wide can be mounted with minimal fuss. A handful of shooting modes allow the system to follow where you're pointing smoothly, or stay locked in orientation. The on-device buttons also allow you to tweak orientation to make sure your Windows phone is level before shooting. Larger Windows phones will need to use an included counterbalance, but on the whole, this looks leagues easier to use than traditional mobile gimbal systems, such as the Smoothee (opens in new tab).

BenQ XR3501 curved LCD monitor (opens in new tab)

BenQ XR3501

BenQ XR3501

We're eager to hear your feedback for this weekly series, so shout out in the comments and let us know about what kind of tech you're interested in hearing about.

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