Anyone that has tried to change their weight knows how frustrating the scale can be. Are you gaining muscle, or fat? How long have you been plateauing? A scale with only one metric can only give you so much insight. Invest just $19.11 into the Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale and start tracking all sorts of health data. Today's price saves you 33% off the normal cost and brings the scale down to one of the best deals we've seen for it. Make sure to either spend at least $25 or use Amazon Prime to get free shipping.


Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale

Whether you want to track your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, or some other aspect of your health, this Bluetooth scale can handle it. Customer reviews are excellent and so is the price you'll pay today.

$19.11 $27.99 $9 off

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This smart scale offers 13 different health metrics to provide a whole picture of your overall progress. Aside from weight, you'll be able to see things like your body fat and muscle percentages, your BMI, your bone mass, your basal metabolism, your water weight, and more. Download the free Renpho app to your iOS or Android smartphone for unlimited progress tracking. The scale can also sync up with third-party health apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health, the Fitbit app, and Apple Health for even more precise tracking.

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The scale itself is sleek and modern, meaning it'll look great in any bathroom. Nearly 12,000 customer reviews have left it with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Renpho's Bluetooth scale has a maximum weight capacity of 396 pounds.

While I don't own this specific model, I do own a similar scale, and I love it. It's really nice see how my fitness goals are going just by glancing at my phone. For instance, if I notice that my weight goes up, I can deep dive into my specific health insights and see if my muscle mass increased as well. Since weight is just a number, those extra metrics can help a ton, especially if you're easily discouraged. This scale paired with a flexible tape measure is a fantastic way to stay on top of your health goals. Install a new health and fitness app for even more help crushing it.

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