Newegg is offering two Aluratek eco4life Wi-Fi Smart Power Strips for just $49.98. Shipping is free. Usually, each power strip would sell for $35 at places like Amazon so you're saving $20 by buying this bundle. And who doesn't need more outlets, anyway?

Add smarts

Aluratek eco4life Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip, 2-pack

Bring all your appliances into your smart home setup with these smart power strips. With individual outlet control, support for iOS, Android, Alexa and Google Assistant, it couldn't be easier to smarten up your dumb devices.

$49.98 $69.98 $20 off

Each power strip has three AC outlets and two USB ports. The outlets can be controlled individually via the accompanying app for iOS or Android, or using just your voice with an Amazon Echo or Google Home device so you can use these power strips to add some smarts to your otherwise dumb devices. The two USB ports are controlled as one unit. The power strips also have built-in surge protection to protect your connected gear from sudden influxes of power.

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