Grab four Teckin mini smart plugs for just $27.19 with code 3QENAMTJ on Amazon. Without the code these plugs sell for around $36 and as high as $40. Just make sure the seller is "Shihong US" as the code won't work with the other seller. This deal is better than any other we've posted for this specific bundle.

Smarty Pants

Teckin mini smart plugs 4-pack

Breathe new life into older tech with the best price yet for these plugs. Control them with your voice or your phone. Use code 3QENAMTJ to get your discount.

$27.19 $36 $9 Off

These mini plugs won't need a hub to connect to your Wi-Fi and give you control over what's plugged in. All you'll need to do is download the free app. From there you can set schedules and timers to automatically control all your devices, even when you're not around. You can also connect the plugs to an Amazon Alexa device or Google Assistant for voice control. It's easy to set up and simply requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Users give it 4.3 stars based on 493 reviews.

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