From Centipede to Zelda, these are the 20 best (and most influential) videos games of the '80s

Final Fantasy Box Art

Source: Moby Games (Image credit: Source: Moby Games)

Final Fantasy

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Developer: Square and Nintendo

Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom

Release Date: Dec. 18, 1987

Why this game mattered: Final Fantasy is a classic Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) that set the standard for all future RPGs. Following an epic story of the four warriors of light, players must battle the Four Elemental Fiends, restore light to the world's orbs, and save the world from complete destruction. It established many standards for turn-based combat as well as in-depth storytelling previously unheard of in video games. Plus, it has a killer soundtrack.

Fun fact: Almost nobody thought this game was going to be a success, aside from the core team working on the project. Now the game currently is on its fifteenth series entry, has a huge online community with Final Fantasy XIV Online, and has fans frothing at the mouth for the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Future games influenced by this title: Final Fantasy has grown into an empire, and it is responsible for creating the ATB-battle system that became standard for RPGs and continues to evolve with each entry. It's no longer limited to classic RPG style, so the Final Fantasy legacy has stretched to fighting games, MMORPGs, strategy RPGs, and more.

Where you can play it today: You can play this epic RPG on the NES Classic.

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