Best Digital Photo Frames Windows Central 2019

Wood and glass photo frames can be had for relatively cheap, but they come with an issue: you can only display one picture at a time. What happens if you have thousands of digital photos taken on multiple devices? A digital photo frame is a logical answer, and we've rounded up the best of the best right here.

Best for most people: Nixplay Seed

Editor's choice

The widescreen Nixplay Seed has a quick and easy setup, it has a 10.1-inch IPS display with 16:10 aspect ratio, and it includes 8GB of internal storage that you can transfer photos to over Wi-Fi. It does not have any ports nor does it have a built-in battery, but it makes photos look great and can be used in both vertical or horizontal orientation. For most people, this cloud-based photo frame should fulfill every need.

$160 at Amazon

4:3 aspect ratio: Pix-Star frame

Pix-Star's 9.7-inch frame has a 4:3 aspect ratio that's more suited to fit the standard photo size, and it has a beautiful IPS display that can handle video and photos. It has 8GB of internal storage to be used with Wi-Fi sharing, it can play radio stations and give reminders and weather forecasts, and it has a USB port and an SD card reader for those who'd like to skip the cloud experience.

$155 at Amazon

Budget option: Micca 7-inch frame

If you'd rather not spend more than about $50 on a digital photo frame, Micca's 7-inch option is still an awesome choice. It includes a USB port and SD card reader, it can play back music and video, and the 800x480 LCD display does a decent job displaying your photos. You don't get Wi-Fi support, but for a lot of the people, the price makes this an easy decision.

$45 at Amazon

Wood finish: Nix Lux

For a more natural look, be sure to check out the Nix Lux and its wood finish. It has a 10.1-inch IPS display with 1280x800 resolution, it supports some video playback, and though it's not Wi-Fi enabled, it does have a USB port and SD card reader on the back. The power cable doubles as a stand, allowing for vertical and horizontal orientation.

$150 at Amazon

Classic look: Nixplay Iris

Nixplay's Iris uses Wi-Fi only for photo and video transfers, and it includes 8GB of internal storage. The 8-inch IPS display has a 1024x768 resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio, and it's all contained in a frame with a classic look. It's available in peach copper, burnished bronze, or silver colors. If you'd rather not go with the black frame trend, this is a great choice.

$180 at Amazon

If we're making a suggestion

We've tested out a bunch of digital photo frames here at Windows Central, and though you'll ultimately get the same result with any of the above options — a small package that can show off all of your photos without much effort — the Nixplay Seed is likely the best for most people, as long as Wi-Fi connectivity isn't an issue. Nixplay's mobile app is easy to use and promotes sharing, and frame setup is a breeze.

The frame has a beautiful IPS display, it includes 8GB of internal storage, the motion sensor turns off the display when no one is around to save energy and prolong the screen's life, and it simply looks great, with four different color options to choose from. The power cable doubles as a stand and works with both landscape and portrait orientation, and it's capable of some short video playback with the iOS app.

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