Best Foam Cushion Replacements for HTC Vive in 2022

The foam cushion on your HTC Vive is pretty comfortable as is, but that doesn't mean you can't go with a better option. Whether you sweat a lot, share your Vive with friends and family, or just can't stand the stock foam, you can get something soft and comfortable. Here are the best foam cushion replacements and covers for your HTC Vive.


VR Cover cotton

Absorbent material

If PU leather and standard foam aren't really your deal, VR Cover makes a cotton face cushion that is both comfortable and absorbent to keep sweat from building up. The covers are also machine washable so you can avoid any grime, and the pack includes two so you can keep gaming while one is in the wash.


Memory foam

Improve FOV

Anyone who finds that the view inside the Vive is a bit too narrow should definitely check out these memory foam covers from VR Cover. They're about 6mm thick, letting you get closer to the display and thus widening your view. Memory foam adds extra comfort, and the cover material soaks up less sweat and can be wiped down after use. Each pack comes with two covers.


KIWI Design Vive face cushion

Two sizes included

If you can't decide whether you need thicker or thinner face foam, this two-pack from KIWI is likely your best bet. You get a 6mm and an 18mm replacement pad in the pack, both of a cushion and covering that don't absorb as much sweat and can be wiped down after use. Also included is a pack of cleaning tissues, a lens cleaning pen, and an air blower for keeping dust out of your display.


HTC Vive foam cushion replacements

Authentic replacement

A lot of people don't necessarily mind the stock foam cushions that come with the HTC Vive, but that doesn't mean they don't get worn down and grimy. HTC offers official replacements in both wide and narrow orientations so you can keep the original feel and not have to deal with an unhygienic environment.


VR Cover disposable covers

For your friends

One of the best things about VR is seeing your friends experience it, but hosting a party where everyone is getting sweaty in your Vive can lead to some unhygienic circumstances. If you often pass your headset around, grab this 100-pack of disposable covers that soak up sweat and can be swapped out quickly when it's time for the next player to stand in.

If we're making some suggestions

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All of the above face cushion replacement options will no doubt find a place with a specific HTC Vive user, but you might still be wondering which one to try first.

If you're unsure whether you want to go with more PU leather or stock foam — the former is comfy but can cause sweat to build up and the latter can get grimy quick — check out VR Cover's cotton option. They're quite affordable, especially since you get two covers in a pack, and they're machine washable so that you can keep them looking like new. Your field-of-view might be slightly cut down, but the comfort level is a worthwhile tradeoff for a lot of people.

That being said, we like the idea of disposable covers, whether you're putting on a VR demonstration at a conference or having some friends over. It's technically the priciest option on this list, but you get 100 disposable covers from VR Cover so you never have to worry about washing or hygiene.

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