The best games for punching music in VR

So you may have seen people going crazy for games that let you "punch music" in virtual reality (VR). The hype is certainly real, and that's because a workout is always better when you get to jam out to your favorite music.

This type of genre in VR has gotten so large because they've taken two awesome concepts (physical games and the best music) and clashed them together for your to get your work out in a super exciting way. So, without further ado, here are the best music punching games that you have to try out.

The line-up

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AudioShield is by far the most popular music punching game for Virtual Reality to this day. Docking in at over 2,000 reviews alone, this game has had mostly positive feedback on Steam. What draws the people to it so much is the simplicity of the style of game, as well as the awesome graphics that look like something plucked right out of Tron. In this game, you quite literally have a shield on each hand that you need to block the color-coded music spheres that will shoot at you.

As the difficulty increases, you'll be hit with not just the beat, but all of the rhythmic sounds coming from the song. You can grab this game for $19.99 on Steam and begin your journey of breaking a sweat and jamming out while doing it.

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Honestly, I'm not sure why this title isn't getting as much attention as it deserves. Not only are you punching spheres but at times during the song these mini challenges will pop-up that follows the beat of the music. I want you to imagine hearing the long strung out note of a guitar solo and then feeling the power of knowing it comes from your very hands. This is the illusion that Holodance will bring you, and it's phenomenal. For only $19.99 on Steam you can take being a rock star and throw it out the window because in here, my friend, you are the music.

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Unlike the futuristic feeling that AudioShield brings you, Airtone is here to show you the joy of colors and visual acid trips. Here your host, Neon, will take you through the world like you've never seen before with 25 different and upbeat music tracks to fly through. No, quite literally fly through. For $29.99 on Steam, or the Oculus store, you can add this title to your game library whenever you need a quick smile. So fill yourself with the energy that'll come after spending some time with Neon!


Soundboxing brings an exciting twist to punching music by allowing you as the player to decide which music you wanna workout to. If you're as much of an avid music lover as I am, you'll appreciate the fact you can load up any YouTube video you want and allow the game to create the challenge for you. This way instead of sticking to a specific number of tracks, that is usually all one genre, you can decide the playlist for yourself. Not only that, but you can't really beat the price of $7.99 either. You might not get the prettiest experience, but the customization and price is well worth it.

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Same workout, same punching music style, but this time you get the visuals and feeling of playing the drums while doing so. AudioBeats might not give you as much of a workout, considering you can play the game sitting down, but trust me you will still get a workout. I mean, have you seen how sweaty the drummers get when they're coming off the stages of your favorite concert? Well, for the amazing price of $9.99 on Steam you can also get to experience what it's like to be a rock star. Get those drumsticks ready!

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Beats Fever

Take screaming from the rooftops to a whole new level with Beats Fever. In this futuristic scene, you'll find yourself at the top of a city skyline with a cyborg view of the music coming at you. Are you're more of a nature scene type of gamer? Perfect! This title even has options to play from a field of gorgeous flowers, following the same flow of your glowing cyborg vision. For $14.99 on either Steam or the Oculus Store, you can immerse yourself in the feeling of upbeat raves with this spectacular title you're sure to break a sweat in.


Which of these is your favorite game for punching music in VR? Is your favorite not listed above? Tell us in the comment section below!

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