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It's easy to walk into a printery and be overwhelmed by the options. Finding the right inkjet print paper can be an extreme sport. Quality printouts are a blend of the right paper, right ink, and correct printer settings. For that reason, major companies like Epson, HP, and Canon have a whole line of printing paper and ink combinations that they swear by, but there are other options. There are several good inkjet papers, but the HP Printer Paper, BrightWhite24 is our best pick. This type of paper is compatible with most inkjet printers, and it's thick enough for smudge-free inkjet printing.

Best Overall: HP Printer Paper, Premium24

The HP Printer Paper, BrightWhite24 is made precisely for inkjet printers, regardless of the brand. Inkjet printers work by spraying liquid or wet ink onto a paper to recreate image and text prints. Therefore, you need a thick fast-absorbing paper that can print on both sides without smudging. The HP Printer Paper, BrightWhite24 is specifically engineered for that.

The paper is bright white with a blue-ish shade that is ideal for creating popping prints. Made with ColorLok technology, the paper absorbs ink three times faster than regular copy paper, giving you neat and vivid digital prints. Also, the paper has a bright white matte finish that creates quality and vibrant prints. What else could you want from paper!


  • Specifically made for inkjet printing
  • Bright white color for quality vivid prints
  • Works well in all inkjet printers
  • Matte finish


  • Not ideal for photos that require a glossy finish

Best Overall

HP Printer Paper, BrightWhite24

BrightWhite paper

Get professional-quality digital images and texts using the HP Printer Paper, BrightWhite24.

Best Multi-purpose Paper: Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Paper

The Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Paper is a wonder product, and a Jack of all trades. Whether you are making proposals, newsletters, reports, faxes, direct mail, or invoice, this is the go-to printer paper. This versatile paper is suited for use in inkjet and laserjet printers, and it's ideal for double-sided printing.

Made with ColorLok technology, the paper produces popping color, bold black, and fast-drying prints. To prevent yellowing over time, the paper is acid-free, creating long-lasting prints. Finally, the paper has a smooth feel, and it has a very bright white color that provides good contrast making texts easy to read.


  • Premium multi-purpose printing paper
  • Thick enough for inkjet printing
  • Printable on both sides
  • Ideal for use in laser printers


  • Not the best paper for professional photos

Best Multi-purpose Paper

Hammermill Premium Multipurpose Paper.

Paper for life

Meet all your printing needs with this premium multi-purpose printer paper that is compatible with both laser and inkjet printers.

Best for Inkjet Photos: Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper

For the longest time, Kodak ruled the photography industry. Take a look at the back of your parents' and grandparents' photos; a good number have the Kodak label. Don't hesitate to print that beautiful summer vacation, wedding, graduation, or family photography on the Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper.

The photo paper has a nice glossy finish that produces professional-like photos. It is thick enough to quickly absorb ink without smearing it all over. The Kodak photo paper is engineered to work flawlessly with all inkjet printers. Kodak Photo papers come in various sizes, remember to check what size of paper your printer accepts.


  • Kodak paper is compatible with all inkjet printers
  • Thick and heavy enough for inkjet printing
  • Good quality paper for the durability of photos


  • Paper size is 4" x 6" can only print small photos

Best for Inkjet Photos

Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper

Premium photo paper

Get high-quality and durable photos for framing or an album with Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper.

Best for Matte Photos: Canon Photo Paper Plus, Matte

For less smooth, glossy, or shiny photos, the Canon Photo Paper Plus is a good choice. Compatible with all inkjet printers, the paper is optimized for artistic pictures that pay attention to every little detail. The soft matte finish produces vivid digital photos and prints. Since inkjet printing uses wet/liquid ink, the paper is porous, allowing ink to sink in faster, creating dry photos on the spot. The photo paper works even better when combined with the Canon Lucia & original Canon inks to produce high-quality images.


  • It's compatible with all inkjet printers
  • Semi-porous to absorb excess ink
  • Soft matte finish for quality and clear images
  • Creates smudge-free photos


  • Hard to identify the printing side since both sides of the paper are almost similar

Best for Matte Photos

Canon Photo Paper Plus, Matte.

Perfectly mattified photos

The Canon Photo Paper Plus creates soft mattified photos and texts with vivid clarity, and pure artistic style.

Best for Everyday Use: HP Printer Paper, Office20

The ream of good quality printer paper weighs anything from 20 pounds to 32 pounds. From its name, the HP Printer Paper, Office20 weighs 20 pounds a ream. This is a premium regular printer paper ideal for high-volume printing and copying, without compromising on the quality of your printouts. It's just a regular copy paper but a little bit heavier than other brands, which makes it ideal for inkjet printers.

Made with ColorLok technology, the paper enhances bold black prints and crystal clear color images. The paper is bright white, which provides excellent color contrast giving brighter and sharper prints. Also, it's an absolute bargain; it is available as a ream or several reams bundled together. You can never go wrong with HP!


  • It works well with inkjet and laserjet printers
  • Instant ink drying
  • ColorLok technology for brighter prints
  • Heavier than regular copy paper


  • Not printable on both sides

Best for Everyday Use

HP Printer Paper, Office20.

Great everyday paper

Achieve good prints at a reasonable price and without compromising on quality with HP Printer Paper, Office20.

Bottom line

A good printer paper will complement the ideal printer settings. Always remember to adjust your printer's settings the match the type of paper you are using. Photo specific printing papers come in various sizes, make sure you confirm the range of paper size your printer accepts before buying the paper.

To get the quality text and image prints you desire, the printer paper you choose is as important as the ink and the printer. The HP Printer Paper, BrightWhite24 remains our top pick. The package is about 24 pounds a ream, which makes it heavy enough for inkjet printing. It is bright white with a blue-ish background and made with Colorlok technology to produce instant drying and color-popping prints. It has a soft matte finish, which is ideal for vivid images and clear texts. It is an all-round solid choice for printing paper. Go ahead and create those impressive text and image prints.

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