Best Rechargeable AAA Batteries Windows Central 2022

AAA batteries are used in so many of our everyday devices that being without a steady supply can be a real nuisance. Whether it's for your kids' favorite toy or the TV remote, instead of running out or buying endless packs, grab some of these tremendous rechargeable batteries instead. We've rounded up both our favorite batteries and chargers below.



Well respected: Panasonic Eneloop

Staff pick

Panasonic is one of the best brands in rechargeable batteries. It claims these batteries have a 2,100-charge cycle lifespan and up to 10 years of use with excellent charge retention.

$11 at Amazon
Energizer AAA

Recycled materials: Energizer

These batteries come pre-charged so that you can pop them straight into your device. These are also the world's first to use a percentage of recycled batteries to be a little kinder on the environment.

$10 at Amazon
Amazon Basics

Reliable budget choice: Amazon Basics

These batteries have impressive capacity and are available in a bundle with a charger. The lifespan isn't the longest, but they're very affordable and you get eight in a pack.

$13 at Amazon
Eneloop Pro

High power devices: Eneloop Pro

If you need batteries for power-hungry items like camera flashguns or R/C toys, the Eneloop Pro are the ones to get with increased capacity and lifespan.

$15 at Amazon


If your batteries aren't bundled with a charger, then these are the ones to get. You don't have to worry about matching the brand of the charger to the brand of battery. So long as you're getting a good quality one, you'll be able to top up whatever you have.

Energizer basic charger

Bang for your buck: Energizer

This model can charge up to four AA or AAA batteries in 7-13 hours. If you need extra batteries, you get a four-pack thrown in for good measure.

$12 at Amazon
Amazon Basics charger

For travellers: Amazon Basics

This charger can charge four AA or AAA batteries at the same time. It also supports power switching for international use, going between 100-240V AC.

$18 at Amazon

Always in charge

It's hard to look past the Panasonic Eneloop batteries since they have a high capacity and excellent lifespan with a higher than average charge retention as they age. They're a quality product you can depend on, and they'll work with any good charger.

A solid alternative is the affordable Amazon Basics batteries, and the companion charger is an absolute must-buy for frequent international travelers. Whichever you go for, buying rechargeable batteries is not only cost-effective but massively convenient. And since you'll be tossing less away, much better on the environment.

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