Best UPS Backup Batteries For Your PC

Why the APC 850VA is the best

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There's really nothing worse than experiencing a power outage and things going horribly wrong with devices being damaged and content lost due to inability to save. This is where an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) comes into play. The 850VA by APC is selected as the best overall option for not only protecting devices connected to the unit from electronic surges but also offering great value.

There are a total of 10 outlets, six tied to the onboard battery. That allows for a PC, monitor(s), sound system and a router to be safeguarded from outages, giving you time to safely shut them down without losing your work and risking damage. APC offers a three-year warranty with the 850VA and $75,000 insurance to cover connected hardware. While a total of 10 devices can be connected to the UPS, six of them will have access to power should mains electricity go offline.

Lastly, two USB ports are available for portable device charging (and these are even connected to the internal battery). A neat feature of this particular backup power supply is the ability to be configured to shut down devices automatically when idle. Should power be cut off to the unit, it will detect what hardware is currently idle and remove access to the stored power to provide more up time for electronics that require the extra juice.


You really can't go wrong when choosing a UPS from a reputable brand, especially when it's only going to be backing up a few electronic devices. That said, we feel the BE750G represents a great balance between affordability and capability.

Updated October 19, 2017: We checked the guide to ensure we're offering only the best backup UPS batteries for your PC.

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