Windows Central Father's Day gift guide

Dad's closet is full of ties, and his golf bag can't hold any more tees and putters. Discover some gifts Dad actually wants this year with this handy Father's Day gift guide.

Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2

The Microsoft Band 2 is an excellent option for your dad whether he's an old man or a young buck. Help him keep track of heart rate and calories burned as he trains for a marathon, or let him show his buddies on the golf course how the Band tracks his game.

Pair the Microsoft Band 2 with a Windows phone and let Dad control Cortana from his wrist, as well as receive texts and calendar alerts on the curved AMOLED screen. Make sure you choose the right size to fit Dad's wrist!

Young or old, Dad will love this neat gift.

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Xbox One bundle

Xbox One

The latest and greatest Microsoft console comes with a legacy that speaks for itself. It can play DVD and Blu-Ray movies and has extensive media capabilities. Stream content from Windows 10 devices or browse the internet using the built-in Microsoft Edge browser. The Xbox One, with over 600 games to play and a growing number of Xbox 360 games becoming backward compatible, has never been more attractive.

Microsoft is right now offering a deep discount on Xbox One bundles that includes a $50 gift card and a free game. If Dad's been hinting at an Xbox One, now might be the time to cash in and let him know you listen.

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Xbox One Elite controller

Xbox One Elite controller

Has Dad been disappearing to the basement for hours? Do you hear him yelling orders at soldiers or asking referees to reconsider? Next time you're in his game-space, have a look at his controller. If the analog sticks look like they've been chewed and the triggers are missing, consider buying him a new controller.

The Xbox One Elite controller is a fully customizable gamepad that features sensitive triggers and all-new paddles, meaning you no longer have to remove your thumbs from the analog sticks. This controller comes with a carrying case for all the extra parts that come with it, including extra buttons, extra analog sticks, batteries, and a USB charging cable.

Give Dad the gaming edge (and a controller that doesn't look like the dog ate it) with the Xbox One Elite controller.

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Celluon PicoPro

Celluon PicoPro

Does Dad pine for the drive-in movie theater? With the Celluon PicoPro HD projector, you can recreate his childhood experiences at home. Connect the PicoPro to your Windows device and stream content wirelessly using Miracast, or stream content from Blu-Ray players or consoles with an HDMI cable. The projector is even ideal for Dad's business presentations — no more squinting at a small screen while he tries to pitch an idea.

Video is projected at 720p without the need for focusing at different distances. Set the projector down, plug it in, and enjoy. Lamp life is approximately 10,000 hours, and the package includes a power adapter, holding mount, and carrying case.

Let Dad get nostalgic or get an upper hand at work with the PicoPro HD projector.

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LittleBits synth kit

littleBits synth kit

The littleBits synth kit is perfect for the father who loves music (who doesn't?), who loves to experiment, and who doesn't mind getting lost in a project. Not only can Dad create analog synthesis sounds ready for live performances, he can also automate the home after combining the synth kit with other littleBits modules.

Each module snaps together using magnets, and the entire thing is powered by a 9-volt battery. The synth kit comes with a keyboard, and can be attached to a microphone — Dad can connect the entire setup to the computer and record what he creates.

Dad will love this creative gift whether or not he's a tech guru or a budding musician.

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HTC Vive

HTC Vive

If Dad is the type of man who likes to spend time alone — the stoic, solitary type of father — he will love the HTC Vive. Give him a break from day-to-day life as he escapes reality entirely using this incredible virtual reality headset.

The headset has 32 sensors that give the user a 360 degree range of motion, and the field of vision is a wide 110 degrees. Bring your hands into play using two motion-tracking controllers, and blend real world a into virtual world with a front-facing camera. Dad will love this thing so much he might even want to share it with the rest of the family.

The resolution your dad sees is set at 1200p, and the optics have a 90Hz refresh rate, meaning he will experience a virtual ride that isn't unlike the real world. If Dad is already a gamer, he'll be happy to know the Vive is compatible with Steam — he'll even be able to play any VR games already owned. Dad will love receiving one of the hottest pieces of tech available now. Note that a PC capable of handling the Vive is required; you can test your PC here.

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Vizio 60 inch 4K LED TV

Vizio 4K TV

Dad says he wants to have a Sunday picnic in the park, but what he really wants is a couch and a TV so big it looks like a mural. Let him connect his console, computer, Blu-Ray player, and other devices using five HDMI ports. The TV's spatial scaling will boost the picture of 720p and 1080p media until it looks near 4K, meaning he won't have to go out and buy all new movies and hardware — even if he says it's necessary.

Actual 4K content is such high resolution that the human eye can't see it. The football or hockey game will appear as if it's really happening just on the other side of a large — very large — window. The TV has built-in Wi-Fi and an app home that automatically updates popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Crackle.

If Dad loves watching TV, he'll love this big, beautiful, 4K screen.

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Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

If Dad loves playing solitaire on his tablet, but also wants to get some work done on a laptop, consider having a look at Microsoft's Surface Book; it is essentially a full laptop with the versatility of a tablet. It boasts a 13.5 inch touchscreen that detaches from the keyboard, a Surface pen, and a weight of just 3.48 pounds. He can set it on his lap while playing games or reading the news, and it won't take up much room in his briefcase or carry-on luggage.

The Surface Book comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro, 16GB of RAM, a dedicated GeForce GPU, a solid-state 512GB drive, and a 2.6GHz Intel processor, meaning Dad will be able to tackle anything thrown at him. From pleasure to business, this is the laptop for everything.

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Jaybird X2 Sport wireless headphones

Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 headphones are designed with sports in mind, and are thus perfect for the father on the go. A big problem with earbuds and activities like jogging, basketball, and biking is an inability to form a secure fit. Jaybird has invented ear fins that conform to the inside of your outer ear, creating a shock-proof fit. No more falling out when the action gets good!

Dad can answer calls using the inline remote and microphone, and will enjoy crisp, skipless audio from Shift premium technology. The package comes with three sizes of ear fins, foam earpads, silicone earpads, and a carrying case. Available in six colors — alpha, charge, fire, ice, midnight, and storm — Jaybird X2 headphones are for the active father who wants freedom from wires while listening to music.

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Your Father's Day gift ideas?

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