Best budget office chairs 2022

The best budget office chairs are an affordable answer to the stratospheric prices you often see attached to high-end models. While the more expensive options do generally provide an unbelievable level of comfort and will keep your back from turning into a question mark, there are chairs out there that can do almost the same without emptying your bank account. We've rounded up here some great chairs that won't leave you with an empty wallet.

If we're making some suggestions

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All of the above options can be had for a price that won't come close to the best high-end office chairs, but if we're making some recommendations, have a look at the FlexiSpot OC3B or the IKEA Markus. They both cost far less than many of the top premium office chairs, yet they still offer excellent back support and a quality build.

The OC3B might be the better choice if you prefer something more modern looking, complete with full mesh support, lumbar adjustments, adjustable armrests, and a headrest. On the other hand, the IKEA Markus is proven to be a long-lasting, affordable chair with lumbar support, a mesh back, a headrest, and lots of padding where it counts the most. The arms are removable for a bit of versatility, and you can adjust for height and tilt to get a comfy position.

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