Best Rechargeable AA Batteries Windows Central 2021

Whether it's a kid's new toy, your Xbox One controller or even just the TV remote, you always need batteries. If you're a parent, you always need a small mountain of batteries. Instead of chucking drained batteries in the trash, consider a switch to rechargeable batteries. In the long run, you'll end up spending a lot less, and the bonus of taking the dead ones and bringing them back to life means you'll never be caught without.


Eneloop rechargeable batteries

Well respected: Panasonic Eneloop

One of the best brands in rechargeable batteries, Panasonic claims a 2,100-charge cycle lifespan and up to 10 years of use with excellent charge retention.

$19 at Amazon
Energizer rechargeable batteries

Recycled materials: Energizer

These batteries come pre-charged so that you can pop them straight into your device. These are also the world's first to use a percentage of recycled batteries.

$10 at Amazon
Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries

Reliable budget choice: Amazon Basics

These batteries have impressive capacity and are available in a bundle with a charger. The lifespan isn't the longest, but they're very affordable.

$10 at Amazon

USB power: Blackube USB AA batteries

These batteries from Blackube charge over micro-USB with a single cable capable of refilling four at a time. Top up with your phone charger or power bank.

$26 at Amazon


If your batteries aren't bundled with a charger, then these are the ones to get.

Great deal: Energizer

This model can charge four AA or AAA batteries in 7-13 hours for two or four batteries, and you're getting a 4-pack thrown in.

$13 at Amazon
Amazon Basics charger

For travellers: Amazon Basics

This charger can charge four AA or AAA batteries at the same time. It also supports power switching for international use, going between 100-240V AC.

$15 at Amazon

If we had to choose...

It's hard to look past the Panasonic Eneloop batteries since they have a high capacity and excellent lifespan with a higher than average charge retention as they age.

A reliable alternative is the more affordable Amazon Basics, batteries, and the companion charger is an absolute must-buy for frequent international travelers. Whichever you go for, buying rechargeable batteries is not only cost-effective but massively convenient and since you'll be tossing less away, much better on the environment.

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