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Desk grommets may be one of the most underrated and overlooked features on a desk — that's if you've even noticed that your desk has one in the first place. They are small, smooth, round objects that fit perfectly into that little hole found at the back of your desk. Grommets are for passing cables and wires through your tabletop to keep your cords organized and in one spot for great cable management. If you're just looking for a standard grommet that gets the job done, we recommend the Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet. It has a sleek black design, comes in a package of 10, and has enough space to fit cables through effortlessly.

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Best Overall: Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet

The Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet is the perfect grommet for the average home office. It's the most commonly used type of grommet for offices around the country since it has just enough space for basic cables to thread through. This is great for individuals who have a computer, smartphone charger, tablet charger, keyboard, and printer cables that they would like to hide.

It has a classic design that features a versatile black color. It's made from ABS plastic, which has a low melting point so you don't have to worry about it becoming deformed or catching on fire if your wires or tabletop become too hot. Another plus is that it's waterproof.

This grommet's mounting hole measures at 2 inches. The surface diameter is 2.5 inches, while the inner diameter for cord space measures at 0.9 inches, and its depth is 0.7 inches. This particular bundle comes with 10 grommets at an extremely affordable price. It doesn't have many of the features that other grommets on this list, but it's a solid option for most people.


  • Great for basic use
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with 10 pieces


  • No extra features
  • Smaller space for cables to pass through

Best Overall

Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet

Plastic 10-piece grommet set

This grommet is ABS plastic, which offers a smooth, waterproof, and safe pathway to thread your wires through for excellent cable management.

Best Functionality: Sedena 2.5-Inch Grommet Hole

The Sedena 2.5-Inch Grommet Hole combines productivity with functionality with its multi-feature grommet. To be more specific, it comes with four USB 3.0 ports, although it's still compatible with USB 2.0 devices as well. The ports can transfer 5Gbps of data and also act as a smart charger to quickly charge your tablets and smartphones. This is great for any individuals who do a lot of work on their phones or tablets and need that extra charge from time to time.

This grommet has an aesthetically pleasing design with an LED light that sparks when a USB is plugged in. The Sedna Grommet Hole comes in a standard black color, and it comes in two designs. One has the USB ports positioned in a straight line, and the other has the ports positioned in a semicircular shape. It has a decent amount of space to pass cables through with ease. It's important to note that the measurements of this grommet are slightly smaller than the 2.5 inches that are advertised. If you're going to be drilling your own hole, it's best to measure the grommet first.


  • Works as a smart charger
  • Has four USB ports
  • Nice black color


  • Measures slightly smaller than 2.5 inches

Best Functionality

Sedena 2.5-Inch Grommet Hole

Enjoy four USB ports

The Sedena 2.5-Inch Grommet Hole is excellent for those individuals who use their smartphones or tablets for work since it doubles as a smart charger.

Best Connectivity: Desk Power Grommet

The Desktop Power Grommet is the perfect accessory for individuals who share space or often have meetings in their home office. While it doesn't offer space to loop and hide your wires, it does provide two USB ports and two power outlets. Both keep your tabletop looking neat and organized as all of your devices are plugged into one central location.

The Desktop Power Grommet is made from ABS plastic and is fire-resistant and incredibly durable. The voltage capacity is 125V and it comes with a standard 6.5 power cord. It also comes with a 24-month warranty, which is a plus if anything goes wrong.

The component measures at 3 inches; that's slightly larger than the standard grommet. Ensure that you measure it before you drill your hole if your desk does not already have a hole.


  • Contains two USB ports
  • Includes two power outlets
  • 24-month warranty


  • Does not offer space to thread cables through
  • Slightly larger than standard grommets

Best Connectivity

Desk Power Grommet

Great power source for shared offices

The Desk Power Grommet is ideal for individuals who share office space as it comes fully equipped with four USB ports and two power outlets.

Best Aesthetics: Two-Pack Desk Grommet for Wire Organizer

The Two-Pack Desk Grommet for Wire Organizer comes in a stainless steel color and is made from zinc, which gives it a visually appealing and modern look. The unit meaures at 2 inches with a diameter of 2.38 inches.

The hole has a flexible covering that allows for cables to slide through easily. The flexible covering also gives you the ability to adjust cords and have them remain at specific lengths since the covering can hold them in place. The hole cover is a soft plastic, so you don't have to worry about damaging your cables. The entire lid is also removeable.

This grommet comes in a two-pack and is ideal for individuals who are looking to create a modern office environment with steel accents.


  • Visually appealing
  • Flexible hole cover
  • Enough space for basic cables to pass through


  • Doesn't have extra features

Best Aesthetics

Two-Pack Desk Grommet for Wire Organizer

Stainless steel

The Two-Pack Desk Grommet for Wire Organizer is made out of zinc and comes in an aesthetically appealing silver color. It's great for modern home offices with steel accents.

Best Flexibility: HYCC 2-Inch Flexible Desk Grommet

The HYCC 2-Inch Flexible Desk Grommet is made from ABS plastic material, which is extremely durable and has a high melting point. You won't have to worry about it becoming deformed from the weight of your cords or the heat radiating off of your appliances.

The hole of the grommet is a flexible plastic that can stretch up to 1.5 inches to accommodate your cables and wires. The HYCC Flexible Grommet measures 2 inches in diameter, which is pretty standard among most grommets, so using this as a replacement grommet should be fairly easy. However, ensure you measure before drilling holes.

This grommet is perfect for home offices that need to accommodate an above-average amount of cables and wires. It comes in white and black. This particular bundle comes with a pack of ten units, which is a plus.


  • Flexible 1.5-inch hole
  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Easy to use as replacement grommet
  • Comes in a pack of 10


  • No added features

Best Flexibility

HYCC 2-Inch Flexible Desk Grommet

Flexible 1.5-inch grommet

The HYCC 2-Inch Flexible Grommet has a wide 1.5-inch hole that can accommodate an above-average amount of cables and wires.

Bottom line

When shopping for the best desk grommets for your home office, it's best to take into consideration what you use your home office for. If you're someone who uses many different devices for work and constantly needs to charge devices, then you may need a grommet that also works as a power source.

If you are simply using the grommet for cable management, then we recommend the Black 2-Inch Desk Cord Grommet. It comes in a bundle of 10 units, has space to manage your wires and cables neatly, and comes in a standard black color. There are other grommets on the market though that come with different features, so choose what works best for you.

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