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Microsoft's new Surface Duo 2 is an awful lot of pocket-sized style and performance, but it's still got room to grow. That's where some killer accessories comes in, and these are the ones you want to turn your Surface Duo 2 good time up a notch.

Slim Pen 2

Write it down: Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2

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The Surface Duo 2 is perfect for digital inking. The form factor mirrors a notepad, making it an ideal pocket companion for taking quick notes throughout your day. It supports most Surface-branded pens, but the newest Surface Slim Pen fits best with an ultra-portable design. You will need the optional pen cover though to attach it to the Duo 2 and charge it wirelessly, which would be a sound investment when it's available.

Slim Pen Charger

Charging your pen: Microsoft Slim Pen charger

If you're using a Slim Pen with your Surface Duo 2 then you should probably grab the dedicated charger. It doesn't come in the box and if you don't already have a Surface Type Cover that can power it up, it'll be pretty useless to you. So make sure you're not caught short.

$35 at Microsoft
Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Wireless audio: Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Surface Earbuds have a unique disc-shaped design which helps provide easy access to the included gesture controls. You also get all-day comfort and battery life, lasting up to eight hours per charge, or 24 hours through the included case. And besides sounding great you get some added bonus features when paired with services like Microsoft Office and Spotify.

$160 at Amazon
Surface Duo 2 Dbrand Reco

Individual style: dbrand skins

Add a little protection and a heap of style to your Surface Duo 2 with a dbrand skin. There's a whole bunch of different colors and finishes available, and it's a great way to keep the actual device a bit safer from scuffs and scratches. They're super simple to apply and will definitely make your device stand out from the sea of black and white rectangles out there.

From $20 at dbrand
Surface USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

Use wired headphones: Surface USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

The Surface Duo might not sport a headphone jack, doubling down on USB-C, but Microsoft hasn't forgotten it entirely. The company sells its own Surface USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, which allows you to hook up any wired headphones that use the analog connector. It's nothing hugely fancy but fulfills its use with a clean, high-quality build.

$12 at Microsoft
Microsoft Controller Xbox Series X

Game on: Microsoft Xbox Controller

With Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming available on Android alongside other platforms like GeForce Now and Google Stadia, the Surface Duo 2 can be a potent portable gaming machine. Touch controls are one thing, but to get the best experience you should pair up an Xbox controller, with the Bluetooth capabilities allowing seamless connectivity to the Duo 2.

$55 at Amazon
Surface Duo PowerPoint

Working hard or hardly working: Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 subscription includes Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel and also more modern features such as AI-powered tools, cloud storage, and security-focused features. Users will also unlock the full OneNote suite, which provides the best note-taking experience on the device, and Microsoft's mobile apps take full advantage of that dual-screen layout.

Surface Duo 2 Bumper

Edge protection: Microsoft Surface Duo 2 bumper

The Surface Duo 2 isn't the easiest device to protect, but one of the easiest accessories to offer some knockback against drops and bumps is the official bumper. It's available in four colors, keeps the edges of the device safe, and leaves the rest of it open for all to gaze upon its style.

Anker Nano 2 Charger

Power up: Anker Nano II 30W charger

If you're in the market to add an additional charger into your loadout then this teeny tiny brick from Anker is a solid choice. At 30W it's ample to juice up your Surface Duo 2 with the added bonus of being so small it'll fit into any pocket in your bag or even jacket. Pop in a USB-C cable and you're off to the races.

$34 at Amazon

Get the most out of your Surface Duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 is an incredible piece of hardware and naturally, you're going to want to maximize its potential. The dual-screen design affords a number of possibilities just not doable on a regular smartphone or tablet and it can quickly become a powerful, mobile computing device.

But you'll want to keep it safe, and to really extract the best you'll want to grab at least the Slim Pen 2, since the Surface Duo 2 is tailor-made to be a digital notebook and scribble pad.

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