You've finally got your hands on an Oculus Rift, and you want to maximize your VR experience. These awesome accessories range from basic things you ought to have on hand, to the absolute coolest gadgets in development to take VR to futuristic heights.

Room-scale Rifting

Oculus Sensor

Editor's pick

A fully immersive Rift experience requires a room-scale setup, and grabbing an extra Rift sensor can make it happen. You set up two near the front of the room, plus another in a back corner in order to track your movements no matter which way you turn. For a flawless tracking setup, you might even consider a fourth. Each sensor comes with a 16-foot extension cable.

$60 at Amazon

Earbud sound

Oculus Rift Earphones

Staff pick

The earphones that Oculus offers are super easy to install; you just unscrew the headphones and screw the earphones into their place. The whole process takes about three minutes, and after you'll have earbuds that actually stay in your ear, even when you're in the middle of an intense game. They're designed to fit into your ear from the top down, so there's no awkward cable management.

$50 at Microsoft

No slipping

Mamut Touch grip

These Touch grips from Mamut are a great way to keep your controllers in-hand, especially if you engage in a lot of frenetic Rift games. A rubber cover slides over the main portion that sits in your palm, and a cotton strap goes over the back of your hand to keep the controller in place. The grip itself is textured so your hands won't sweat as much, and there's even more room for all of your fingers.

$38 at Mamut

Wireless Rifting

TPCast wireless adapter

The Oculus Rift is seemingly held back by the cables that tether it to the PC. They can become tangled and twisted as you move about your room-scale VR setup, breaking immersion when you remove the headset to get everything sorted. However, you can remove the need for a cable tether, all thanks to TPCast. It plugs into your Rift, attaches to the top headband, and removes the need for the long, snaking cable at your feet.

$319 at TPCast

Extended headset

Monoprice six-foot HDMI extension

This six-foot extension cable from Monoprice is essential for anyone looking to get a room-scale Rift setup going. Sure, the built-in cable on the head-mounted display is lengthy, but while you're twisting and turning in your VR space, you can run out of room quickly. To keep your PC from toppling or your headset from coming off of your head, add an HDMI extension for plenty of cable length and a worry-free experience.

$11 at Amazon

Extended sensors

Monoprice six-foot USB-A extension

If you're extending the HDMI cable on your head-mounted display, you'll no doubt also want to extend the USB cable to match. This one from Monoprice is recommended by Oculus and can be also be used to reach a third or fourth sensor at the back of your room-scale VR space. These cables are especially handy if you decide you want to mount your Rift's sensors on the walls for a permanent solution.

$9 at Amazon

Securely mount your sensors

SERMICLE mounting brackets

Permanently mounting your Rift sensors usually means they can't be adjusted, but not with these brackets from SERMICLE. They screw into your wall with three fasteners and provide 360-degree rotation for your attached sensors thanks to a ball joint. Each pack contains three brackets, so you're ready for a room-scale setup.

$11 at Amazon

Quick cleanup

Microfiber cloths

There's nothing worse than foggy or dirty Rift lenses. They obstruct your ability to focus on the action in the headset properly, and frankly, they're just gross. These cloths from SecurOMax won't scratch your Rift's lenses and you'll be glad you have them on hand after a couple of sessions.

$7 at Amazon

Clear vision

Jaws Quick Spit anti-fog spray

Dealing with foggy Rift lenses is a serious pain and a problem that affects a large majority of VR users. Heading into the Rift can be a physical endeavor, and having what is essentially a hot mask over your face doesn't lend itself well to ventilation. To help cut down on the fog that ruins games and causes frustration, try applying some anti-fog spray to your lenses once in a while.

From $7 at Amazon

Safe transportation

Hyperkin Polygon VR Protector Bag

Toting your Oculus Rift over to a friend's house can be a bit scary. You don't want to just toss it into any old bag or box, and you definitely want it to have some padding. This case from Hyperkin has a bunch of modular, padded compartments that can hold your sensors (once you unscrew them from the stands), Touch controllers, headset, and cables securely and safely.

$80 at Amazon

Cable management system

Hyperkin FreeStep

Hyperkin's FreeStep is affordable, comes with six separate mounts, and each one has a carabiner that makes it easy to attach and remove the VR cable without having to unplug it from your PC. If you're looking for a cable management system that will keep you from tripping while in VR, this is it.

$23 at Amazon

Comfy padding

VR Cover interface and foam hygiene set

The foam padding around the inside of your Rift — the stuff that sits against your face and absorbs sweat — can get pretty grimy, especially if you're sharing your device between a few people. It's also not the most comfortable thing out there, which is why companies like VR Cover exist. This set includes two foam replacements that are covered in PU leather, making it easy to wipe down after each use.

$50 at Amazon

If we're picking a few accessories

Enjoying the Oculus Rift with a dual-sensor setup is one thing, but adding a third or fourth for true room-scale VR allows you to get the best experience possible. You'll find that games are more immersive and you'll no doubt experience far better tracking than before. You'll pay about $60 for a sensor and extension cable, but you'll be glad you did once you have everything set up.

I also recommend checking out Oculus earbuds, which I've been using steadily ever since making the switch. The stock headphones that come with the Rift aren't necessarily bad, but the earbuds seem to deliver a much more immersive experience and better sound quality. Don't worry; they're designed to stay in your ear even when playing Beat Saber.

If you'd like to check out some Rift accessories that are on the cheaper side — say not more than $20 — we've also rounded up a dozen essentials that will make your time in VR more enjoyable.

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