Lost Echo, a 3D action adventure game jumps from iOS to Windows Phone Store

Lost Echo

Lost Echo is a new adventure game in the Windows Phone Store where you are desperately searching for your girlfriend. The story driven game is full of puzzles to solve, mini-games to tackle and an impressive 3D environment.

The game has been a hit over on iOS with plenty of accolades from user reviews. In just tinkering with Lost Echo for a short time, it should be well received by the Windows Phone platform and another quality addition to the Windows Phone Store.

You play the role of Greg whose girlfriend Chloe disappears in front of him. You will need to guide Greg through his quest to find Chloe and to discover what happened.

Lost Echo

Key features of Lost Echo include:

  • Detailed and realistic 3D graphics
  • A soundtrack written and scored for the game
  • Meet and interact number characters, find clues and reveal the mystery behind Chloe's disappearance
  • Intuitive point and click interface
  • Two gaming modes

The only potential downside to Lost Echo we can see after spending a little time with the game is the lack of a trial version. The game is running $2.99 and without a trial version, the developer may be missing out on potential customers.

We'll take Lost Echo out for a test drive over the weekend and give you a better feel for things in a few days. Until then, you can find Lost Echo through the link below.

Thanks, Jawad96, for the tip!

QR: Lost Echo


Reader comments

Lost Echo, a 3D action adventure game jumps from iOS to Windows Phone Store


Why oh why? Oh my oh my. I wish I could try. I feel I may cry, there is a lone tear in mine eye. Le sigh , le sigh. Indeed I shan't buy.

Why oh why devs, can we not try? Brings a tear to my eye!! Pay to play is not the way.. A level or two to decide if we like, that's the way we buy.....

Instead of ask why, I'll give it a try, oh wait, I can't,
because it wants me to buy.
It says its good and the rating is high. But what if it sucks and its all just a lie?

I'm the same way but wow, this game is worth so much more. The screenshots and video are what sold me.

Hello everyone, the developer here.

We are not really familiar with the Windows Phone platform. Is a trial a must have feature?

From our perspective, a point and click adventure game like ours isn't really suited to having a trial mode.

We can reconsider if the fans disagree.

Yup a trial is always nice to have so that we can have a good look at the game and later buy it if its worth it.

Most windows phone customers have low end phones, I agree that. But that doesn't mean that they are not willing to pay for an app. 

A question For the Developer. Will you consider to breng this game to the Windows Store, by example for the Surface 2?

For me trial is a must have feature nowadays. I refrain from buying apps and games without trials. For something like this game you could maybe include Chapter 1 in the trial, or just the tutorial and have a chapter or something like that. Everyone who likes the game would want to finish the story and would therefore buy it no matter what.

I'll try to reply to all the questions:

1) Our game is story based, making a small part of it available for trial is a bit hard, because it's the kind of game you appreciate when you have a clear picture of what is going on. It's not that it can't be done, but we just need to think about it a bit first. Since there seems to be demand for it, we'll probably enable it in a future update.

2) Our game should work just fine on lower end/low mem Window Phone 8 devices. If it doesn't (for reasons I can't really think of), please don't hesitate to e-mail us, we'll try to get it sorted in an update.

3) We'd like to support Surface tablets. We'll see about making this a universal release once Unity support gets updated too. We'll evaluate this again when Windows Phone 8.1 is officially released.

Just wanted to say thank you for bringing the game over and letting us know your plans. You'll find the WP community is especially supportive of developers who talk with us and take the time to work on their apps. As far as the trial goes, it does go a long ways towards encouraging people to purchase the full app and it's wonderful that you would consider it. Thanks and welcome to WP. :-)

I just purchased to support this developer when they showed they were interested in our feedback and reached out to us and responded to our questions. We need more developers who connect and care about our feedback.

I think a lot of people want a trial to make sure the game isn't a buggy mess. There have been games/apps that work fine on higher end phones but crash or don't run on low end phones.


Also, it gives an idea of the type of gameplay to expect. (may not be as crucial in your game).


I haven't played the game but I would recommend having the trial be the first little part of the game. Show off some narative, point/click gameplay and a mini game or two.

^This, exactly.  I have a Lumia 1020 and can certainly afford to purchase any game/app in the store, but I require the 'opportunity' to try the game/app to see if functions properly on my device and to determine the general gameplay...watching a video on YouTube does not help with these two requirements.

That's understandable.

We're looking through our options now. Implementing a trial mode is not trivial, so it might need some time to properly implement it. We'll see.

In any case, the game should work properly even on lower end phones. It was working fine on what we were able to test and we haven't heard from anyone having trouble from those that bought it.

Even if problems arise, we'll try to fix them asap.

I'll just buy the game and play it for a while, if I enjoy it... Fine... If I don't... I know I have supported a kickass gaming studio. :)

 The most important thing about games and apps on WP is customer presence. If you show up in discussions about your game, you will automatically grow a fanbase. :)

Thanks a lot for supporting the Windows platform.Devs like you are exactly what this platform needs

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Thanks for taking the time and listening to what we have to say.

To me it is very important to have a trial mode. Sometimes the game IS really good and looks great. But just not what I want to play. 

Yes since I have owned a wp I have always purchased an app after trying it once!hope u add it soon

A trial is essential I find. I wanted a quick lil play around to see if I like the game. Nothing too long is needed, just enough to get an idea of gameplay. If the app was universal app with windows too...then this would be a steal of a game!

I usually test the games before buy it, at least the 80% of the games I give a try, I buy them

So yup, is a must have :v

The developer released a game on WP and is hitting to the comments section? I am buying. Thank you for your support!

If the game is good, users will like it after trial and most of them will buy it.

If there is no trial I suspect it isnt good and developer just want to sell it to whoever belive it is good.

I don't think it's necessary, but it definitely helps people decide if they want to spend some money. I'm glad you're supporting Windows Phone, and hope to see this as a universal app someday.

Thank you very much for developing for windows phone. A trial is a very useful feature to convince many user to get your game, even if its just one chapter of the game, its enough to get users to get a feel for the game and most will purchase after that.

Thanks for the response KickBack. I generally check the reviews on the alternate platform and if satisfactory, I usually go on and cop. Thanks for bringing this over however, it looks interesting.

I like to spend money for well made apps. We all want to get paid for hard work and I believe it was a lot of work to develop a game like that. A trial is always a plus. But no trail is not a reason not to buy. There are always videos of the game witch let you get an impression of the game. Thanks for supporting windows phone. I will give it a try

I usually don't buy without trying, this was my first exception in a long while. The trailer and screenshots showed enough of how awesome and almost first of its kind on WP. But, a trial would guarantee more sales hands down.

Yes, it is, but for a legit reason: not all developers who port games from iOS or Android care that much about apps' quality and more than often we face broken functionalities, abnormal battery drains and many other things which affect our experience. Having the possibility to try out apps and games we can be sure that we're not going to waste our money ;-)

Microsoft baked in a trial mode into the developer story from the very beginning. Essentially it's very easy to build a trial mode into a Windows Phone app, meaning that pretty much every paid app has a trial mode. Buyers then get very suspicious of apps that don't have trial modes, assuming that there's a reason that the developer didn't want you to trial it!


Sorry for out of topic post. It seems that Bing has been hacked atleast in India or some major changes are taking place for China. Everything ha become Chinese. Verify guys. Fast.

All are facing the problems. We can't connect to Bing. I guess the servers are down. Or they are working with Bing and Cortana for China.

@majohnny : Sorry, "Verify Guys, Fast" is the thing you said to be commanding -_- ,will surely try to ask in a nicer way next time round.


Its working fine now. Everything restored.

Me too here (Indonesia)
But only if I'm in wifi connection..
If I change using mobile connection, Bing will open the English page.
Don't know what is happening

I have been burned by a couple apps which I bought without a trial and subsequently had to get refunds. A trial is most important.

I hope the girlfriend is hot after all that trouble of trying to find her? And why doesn't Greg's girlfriend have a Windows Phone and so Greg can just go online and use his girlfriends Find my Phone feature? I guess the scenario makes sense on IOS.

Definitely a good idea with a trial, even if just a snippet. It's easy to get a feel for a PC or console game; they're covered heavily on gaming sites around the web. Mobile games are usually much less transparent to potential buyers, and aggregated by the fact that the app stores' are filled with less than stellar games, this means that trials are the only way for buyers to evaluate if a game is worth buying.

Nicely worded post! A console or PC game is what, $70 now give or take vs. $2 give or take for a mobile game? Without trying to sound snarky, we believe that if a person can't afford a couple of bucks for a game, they shouldn't own a smartphone. Save the coffee, buy a game.

You can get demos of pc and older console games, it just seems to be the current consoles that don't offer it from what I've been told.

We'll see. We were thinking of a PC release as a different beast. Once Windows Phone 8.1 is out and the stores become more unified we'll consider it again.

Because it's IMMENSELY expensive ($40,000+) and not worth the effort for the 5 people that care about XBL achievements on WP. It used to cost $40,000 for EACH update too!

From the Microsoft FAQ's (for Windows Phone):

Q: I just want Xbox LIVE in my game. How do I do that?
A: At this time, Xbox LIVE services are only available to a specific list of publishing partners. Microsoft Studios is one publisher for Windows Phone. If you do not work with Microsoft Studios, you may work with any of the other approved publishing partners. Microsoft Studios does not manage the Xbox LIVE platform or services.


So basically, you need to work with specific publishers and you can bet they will charge like wounded bulls to do all of the testing and certification requirements. In short - if you're a small developer it's simply not worth the time or money to do it.

That's more or less it.

Implementing XBox Live is not easy for an independent developer like us. If it was just a matter of figuring out how to implement it, we would have surely done it.

To the developers,

Thank you very much for bringing this title to the WP platform. We also would very much like to see this game ported to x64 and RT. We have no issues with a non-trial version of the game, most people spend more on coffee, donuts, and vending machines in a week than the $3.00 you're asking. Even if we only play the game for 5min, we've still received more value for our money than a donut.

Thanks again!



Lol! I thought the same thing...what do you actually do in the game? Bought it after reading reviews and watching videos. I don't have time to play it but they spent the time and money to make it for Windows Phone so I can spend a little time and money to support them.

Go $5 Bing Rewards bucks!!!

The game looks awesome, but please provide a trial. I want to personally asses on my device how well it looks, runs and if its worth it.

Remember the days when a game was 29.99 plus a trip to CompUSA to purchase the installation disks? Now its 2.99 and a few minutes to download. And yet, pocket change for instant access is still too much for some people.

The problem is that so many of us got burned paying 29.99 for so many crap games that it's hard to bring back that trust, even at 2.99.

First welcome to the none platform,platform. Most folks here mostly like to try before they buy. Thing of it is . If the game.is.good they buy..and word of mouth will buy more.the try is nice to have but it's not mandatory.

Too bad, I was ready to give it a shot but no demo then yeah I'm gonna have to pass this one up.

I think there will be many on this site who can identify with being lost "in the Windows Phone Store desperately searching for a girlfriend."

Yes it does. I don't have a screenshot handy right now, but the top right icon you can find in many of the screenshots we have published, is the icon that brings down the inventory (it appears as a bar at the top that contains icons of the items you have on you).