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earthworm jim

Nokia has been known to run various gaming promotions since it came to Windows Phone a couple of years ago. Most obviously they sponsored the production of more than 20 Xbox Windows Phone games; titles that we probably would never have gotten otherwise. There was also a brief period last year in which a non-Xbox version of Sonic CD became available for Lumia owners. We never found out why the giveaway game lacked its Xbox features, nor would Nokia comment on it.

Fourteen months later, it looks like Nokia has a new promotion going on. Owners of some very specific handsets (Nokia Lumia 625, 1020, 1320, Icon, and 1520) can get free versions of nine games from mega-publisher Gameloft! These aren’t stripped down versions, either. They’re the full Xbox titles with working Achievements, albeit with different Store pages than the general versions. Head past the link for more details on how to find the free games!

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Update: As part of the Microsoft Publisher sale, a total of six games are on sale this week! Full list after the break.

On Xbox 360, the Xbox Live Spring Sale has just concluded. Starting later today, a selection of Microsoft Studios XBLA sales will go on sale. On the Windows Phone front, the big EA games sale took place during the same time as the 360’s Spring Sale. You’ll remember the EA sale as the one that took a bunch of crazily overpriced games like The Sims 3 and marked them down to just angrily overpriced. It’s good to own a Nokia phone, where the EA exclusives sell for much more reasonable prices.

Coinciding with the XBLA Microsoft Studios sale, it looks like we’re getting another Xbox game sale on Windows Phone! The sale titles include Gerbil Physics, ilomilo, and Zombies on the Phone, and three more games. Plus Gameloft’s Earthworm Jim just got a permanent price drop. More details after the break!

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We’ve had our fair share of quality Deals of the Week lately. Surely some Windows Phone gamers’ wallets are aching and could use a rest. Well, this week’s Deal should accommodate such folks as it’s certainly of the less-exciting variety. Starting Wednesday, Earthworm Jim HD from Gameloft goes on sale for $2.99 for the third time, down from the outrageous price of $4.99.

Yes, with Gameloft’s recent announcement of 12 big name Windows Phone 8 games, it would’ve been all too easy to forget the ‘Loft had published a somewhat unimpressive port of Earthworm Jim as a Windows Phone 7 launch title.

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You know what hasn’t gone on sale in a while? Earthworm Jim. The last time it was the Xbox Live Deal of the Week was way back in April. Now it’s the Deal of the Week again, its price cut from $4.99 to $2.99.

The mobile version of Earthworm Jim comes from Gameloft, but it’s a far cry from the awesomeness of Let’s Golf 2. Earthworm Jim has some of the worst touch screen controls around, making it way less fun than it should be. Its Achievements are also quite tough and time consuming, but at least none of them are glitched (Ahem, Let’s Golf 2!). Despite those issues, I still had a decent time with Earthworm Jim because the original is such an off-kilter classic. See our full review for more details.

Earthworm Jim will be on sale for one week only. Pick it up here in the Marketplace – when the sale goes live Wednesday morning.

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Earthworm Jim HD - Review

During the 16-bit gaming era, Shiny Entertainment’s Earthworm Jim made quite a splash. It boasted very unusual character designs, an off-beat sense of humor, and excellent graphics and sound. It was also frustratingly hard, but so were a lot of games back then. Earthworm Jim was such a success that it spawned a few sequels and its own cartoon series.

Fast-forwarding several years, Gameloft - the developer/publisher known for producing mobile clones of popular console franchises – has brought the original Earthworm Jim to Windows Phone as an Xbox Live title. Is Earthworm Jim still as groovy as he ever was? Yes and no. This version is pretty rough around the edges thanks to some poor design decisions from the ‘loft.

Swing past the jump for our in-depth review.

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Last week, a game that’s meant to multiplayer but isn’t went on sale and the Xbox Live gaming public collectively yawned. This week, we get something a little more interesting…

Earthworm Jim HD is on sale for $2.99, down from the regular price of $4.99.

Earthworm Jim is a faithful port of the classic Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo platforming game that was originally developed by Shiny Entertainment. It stars an earthworm who has been given super powers by an alien space suit. EWJ (as his friends call him) thwarts enemies both with a pistol and by whipping them with his own earthworm body. The creative cast of bosses includes Bob the Killer Goldfish, Evil the Cat, and Queen Slug-for-a-butt. In addition to lovely hand-drawn art, Earthworm Jim also features a stellar soundtrack. Just be warned that the touch-screen controls aren’t the best and the Achievements are fairly hard.

Earthworm Jim is $2.99 for one week only, and there is a free trial. Snap it up here (Zune link) on the Marketplace. 

Update: Also, Assassin's Creed - Altaïr's Chronicles HD (see our review) has also dropped from $6.99 to $4.99. That's here in the Marketplace.

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The Windows Phone Marketplace is quickly approaching 1,000 apps which has a large contingency of gaming titles. Gameloft has posted a video over at their Youtube channel highlighting a few of their HD titles that will be available for the Windows Phone 7.

The teaser video highlights Earthworm Jim, UNO, Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles, Brain Challenge and The Oregon Trail. All look really good, especially Assassin's Creed.

November 8th can't get here quick enough.


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