Best Minecraft Fan-made Art, T-Shirts, Stickers, Posters, and more! Windows Central 2021

Ever since its original release 11 years ago, Minecraft has become a global phenomenon. As a result of its overwhelming popularity, tons of independent artists and designers have created shirts, stickers, posters, and more that are all themed around the game and are available for others to purchase and enjoy. Here's a list of our favorites!

Wrong Pyramid Shirt Se

Best overall: Wrong Pyramid T-Shirt

Staff favorite

This hilarious shirt mashes up the classic arcade game Qbert with Minecraft-themed blocks. It's clever, and it will amuse long-time gamers, making it our favorite pick.

From $19 at Shirtwoot!
Play in the Dirt Shirt

For digging enthusiasts: Play in the Dirt T-Shirt

This funny shirt is ideal for players who like to dig in Minecraft, as "playing in the dirt" refers to how many players dig around to find materials or clear spaces for buildings.

From $19 at Shirtwoot!
Pocket Enderman Shirt

Pocket pal: Little Pocket Enderman T-Shirt

This neat apparel allows you to look like you're carrying around a cute little Enderman in your "shirt pocket." It's minimalistic otherwise, making it a great shirt if you want something more subtle.

From $21 at Redbubble
Minecraft Heart Shirt

Minimalist design: Minecraft Hearts T-Shirt

This minimalist shirt has a couple of Minecraft hearts on it and nothing else. It's even more subtle than the Pocket Enderman shirt and overall is best for folks who want to be very low-key.

From $33 at Redbubble
Diamonds Shirt

For the ladies: Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend T-Shirt

This shirt is ideal for the ladies who play Minecraft, as it cleverly references the game's diamond material while sporting a well-known phrase. Who needs jewelry when you can have a diamond pickaxe?

From $20 at PopUpTee
Mining Park Shirt

Classic film reference: Mining Park T-Shirt

Do you love Jurassic Park and Minecraft? If so, you'll love this tee that combines the logo for the iconic movie with the Creepers of Minecraft. A theme park of Creepers sound just as scary as one with dinosaurs!

From $20 at PopUpTee
Everyday I'm Shoveling Poster

You'll dig this: Everyday I'm Shoveling Poster

If you want a cool Minecraft poster to hang, this one is a great choice. It features a neat visual design and references the infamous song by LMFAO.

From $8 at TeePublic
Minecraft Dirt Cube Mug

Drink in style: Minecraft Dirt Cube Mug

This clean and straightforward mug design features a cartoonish grass/dirt block from Minecraft on the side, clearly announcing to everyone that you love Minecraft enough to rep it while drinking your morning coffee.

$15 at TeePublic
Minecraft is Still Cool Sticker

Defend your hobby: Minecraft is Still Cool Sticker

This neat sticker is shaped like a Minecraft sign, and you can use it to show others that you don't care what they think about your love for Minecraft!

From $3 at Redbubble
Free Hugs Sticker

Adorable sticker: Free Hugs Sticker

Free hugs from a Creeper may be explosive, but the thought is what counts. Let others know you're a fan of free hugs with this neat little Creeper sticker.

From $3 at TeePublic

If we had to choose

All of the different fan-made Minecraft accessories and apparel in this list are awesome. Still, if we had to pick one, it would be the Wrong Pyramid T-Shirt. A lot of people may not get the reference made to Qbert, but the cleverness of the joke and the design's overall coolness still cement it as our favorite pick. It combines a retro game and a modern one in an excellent way, which is something you don't see all too often.

If you're looking for something to hang in your room, the Everyday I'm Shoveling poster is an excellent choice that will look good on any wall. It's also not too visually busy, so that it will look great next to other posters as well.

Finally, if you're looking for something that you can use, we think that the Minecraft Dirt Cube Mug is fantastic. Practicallyeveryone drinks coffee nowadays, and this mug allows you to pour yours into a Minecraft-themed vessel that looks stellar.

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