Quiplash giveaway - Play with us tonight on Twitch for your chance to win!

Every weekend, Windows Central streams an Xbox One game or two on Twitch for 1-2 hours and gives out free games to the cool people who join us during the stream. It's like a live podcast, only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers!

Tonight we played Quiplash from Jackbox Games. Quiplash is a hilarious multiplayer party game that everyone can play together online, even if they don't own the game. In fact, we just played with dozens of our favorite readers and viewers. Read on for the video replay in YouTube format, game impressions, and a list of contest winners!


Quiplash is a multiplayer party game played with phones and tablets. The game asks players to invent clever answers to questions. Those questions get put to a vote, and the wittiest person takes the win.

During the start of each round, the game asks each player one or more questions on their web browsers. Quiplash is not a trivia game like Fibbage, so these aren't trivia questions. Instead, it will ask things like "What would be the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?" The game asks each question to a pair of people, so other players will mostly receive different questions than you.

There is no right answer to these questions. Instead, the goal is simply to enter the most entertaining or funny response you can imagine. A quip, if you will. Once everyone has entered all of their quips, the real fun begins. Everybody votes on the best answers, with the silliest ones usually taking the prize.

Check out our full Quiplash review for lots more gameplay details. And remember to join us during tonight's game for a chance to win a Quiplash code of your own!

  • Quiplash – Xbox One (US and specific regions only) – 198 MB – $9.99 – Store Link
  • Quiplash – Windows PC and Mac – $9.99 – Steam Link

Quiplash Windows Phone screenshots

Play along from a web browser on your phone, tablet, or PC

The Contest

We'll be streaming Quiplash for 60-90 minutes tonight, starting at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 2am GMT). During that time, we'll be giving out a total of 10 Quiplash game codes:

  • 5 for Xbox One
  • 3 for PlayStation 4 (US)
  • 2 for Steam

To enter, just follow us at Twitch.tv/WindowsCentral and Twitch.tv/EastXTwitch (making sure to enable email notifications!) and tune in during the stream. You can watch the stream right here in this post, but you need to actually participate in the stream chat to have a chance at winning. We'll deliver codes to the winners via Twitch message (PM) during the stream. No code begging!

Feel free to stick around in chat before and after the stream if you have any questions or just want to say hi. If you enjoy the stream, be sure to check our schedule and come back for more!

Quiplash for Xbox One

How to watch Twitch livestreams

What's the best way to experience Twitch? The Twitch website on your PC or Mac web browser. If you don't have or prefer not to use a computer, you can get the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Xbox 360 Twitch apps and watch from the comfort of your couch. Android and iOS both have official and unofficial Twitch apps to choose from as well.

On Windows Phone, you'll have to grab an unofficial app. There are several to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Only one app lets you search directly for our channel, though. If you use the others you'll have to find and follow us from a web browser first. Read the roundup to learn more!

Quiplash for Xbox One

Next contest stream: Two weeks from now

Want to know what's next for Windows Central's Twitch programming?

I'm taking next week off in order to visit mobile publisher Game Insight in Europe! Of course I'll miss you guys, but you can still tune in to my personal Twitch channel Twitch.tv/EastXTwitch on August 15 for a stream hosted by one of our moderators.

Our official weekend streaming contest will return on Saturday, August 22. The stream always starts at the same time: 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 2am GMT).

We hope you'll tune in as often as you can! Set a recurring alarm on your phone so you'll always know when it's time for the stream to start.

Quiplash for Xbox One


The following people will soon be making quips of their own, about winning!

Xbox One

  • Yup84
  • Ducttape36
  • DNev555
  • UCFknighthood
  • Kenzibit

PlayStation 4

  • Death31133
  • LightspeedHalo
  • munkywawa


  • Xenokalson
  • Kovaelin

Tonight's prizes provided by Jackbox Games. Thanks also to our Twitch stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!