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Best Classic Board Games for Windows 10

Board games have been a fun way to pass the time for years. Many of the classic games have made the leap to the Windows Store and while you lack a traditional gaming board, the electronic versions are just as entertaining. These are the best classic board games for Windows 10.

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Best Straight Shooting Windows 10 Games

There are plenty of first-person shooter games in the Windows 10 Store and some of the more challenging versions of this genre are the sniper games. They test your skills of patience, a steady hand and the ability to shoot straight. These are the best sniper games for Windows 10.

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Fast pacing makes Wordfix a word scramble race

Wordfix is a word game for Windows 10 Mobile where you repair scrambled up words. A complete game consists of five stages where you rebuild three words per stage. You only have a few seconds to solve each word and if you draw a blank, Wordfix has a few hints to help point you in the right direction.

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