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Tired of seeing Top Gear games launch on Windows Phone? Prepare for yet another with Stunt School Revolution, which launched today on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. This latest title on both Windows and mobile devices allows players hop behind the wheel of highly customised and – put simply – wacky contraptions, just what you'd expect to see from the popular TV series.

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Running with Santa 2 is a lighthearted endless runner game where you have to help Santa save Christmas. The game has you running Santa ragged around the village, through caves and other venues to collect all the presents that have been scattered about.

The game includes plenty of power-ups and a handful of characters to choose from that include a snowboard Santa, an elf and your traditional Santa figure. Available for low-memory Windows Phone, Running with Santa 2 comes across as a decent game well suited for your Windows Phone Kid's Corner or even your main gaming library.

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One of our favorite games on Windows Phone, Pako, has just received an update with three new levels for now a total of eight different locations: the Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway, Square, Oldtown, Desert Rally, and Arena. If you haven't played this addictive game before, the goal is to drive away from police vehicles as long as possible before you crash or they catch you. Want to see the new levels in action? Watch our hands-on video.

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Top Rated Windows Phone Holiday apps and games

Windows Central Roundup: Popular Windows Phone Holiday Apps and Games

Tis the season to be jolly and there are a boatload of Windows Phone games and apps available in the Store to help bring in the Holiday Spirit. From apps that countdown the time to games that feature the jolly old elf, the Windows Phone Store is quickly seeing Holiday apps and games popping up on the shelves.

We scoured the Windows Phone Store aisles for a handful of the top rated Holiday apps and games for this week's Windows Phone roundup. We'll also toss in a few games that are popular year round but recently received an update to give the title a little Holiday spirit.

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Candy Crush Saga is one of those mobile games so huge that pretty much everyone, everywhere knows of it, regardless of your mobile OS preferences. While the much awaited Windows Phone launch isn't long behind us, there are a couple of benefits to the game having been on iOS and Android for a while before it.

There are some people out there rocking an iPhone or an Android phone that have put a substantial amount of time into playing Candy Crush as the months have passed, and that's good news for us. Because thanks to our buddies over at iMore, there are a whole bunch of tips, tricks and cheats to help you on your way!

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Don't Hit the Spikes is an arcade game for Windows Phones and Windows 8 devices where you are tasked with moving a game piece around and avoid hitting the spikes and other dangers that are drifting around the gaming screen.

Graphics are minimal, game play challenging and Don't Hit the Spikes has two gaming modes to keep things interesting. You also have unlockable characters and the game is available for low-memory Windows Phones. Don't Hit the Spikes makes a nice first impression and comes across as a nice gaming title to help you pass the time.

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4 Icons 1 Word is a casual picture puzzle game in the Windows Phone Store that, as you would guess, presents you with four icons and you have to guess the correct word all four have in common.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones the game isn't very taxing but has its fair share of challenging puzzles to solve. 4 Icons 1 Word is one of those games you might enjoy picking up from time to time when you are in the mood for a casual game or (for those with children) possibly a gaming title to have in your Kid's Corner.

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Ubisoft just pushed out a substantial holiday update for its superbly addicting game Hungry Shark Evolution.

Version 2.9 for Windows Phone is now live in the Store, and it features a Happy Holidays greeting when launching and the game itself has a few bonus features for Christmas time as well. Indeed, the update is so big that Ubisoft have a hilarious trailer to show off all of the holiday shark cheer, which is worth checking out.

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Snowboard Party is a well drawn up sports game for Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices that puts you on the slopes trying to master the art of snowboarding. The game has over 75 level objectives, 15 gaming achievements and three different course to run. Graphics and animations are well done and those mid-air tricks aren't as easy as you would think.

Add plenty of gear to upgrade, 15 courses based in the Rockies, Alps and in Japan, and multiplayer competition and Snowboard Party can make a very nice first impression. Available for low-memory Windows Phones and Windows 8 devices, if you are looking for an entertaining winter sports game, you'll want to give Snowboard Party some thought.

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