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Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call is a first person, Sci-Fi shooter for our Windows Phone where you find yourself in the middle of a war against cyborgs.

You patrol the streets taking out as many rebellious machines as possible before your oxygen supply (a.k.a. game timer) runs out. The game does take on a RPG gaming feel with character advancement and equipment upgrades available.

Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call is available for low-memory games and comes across as an entertaining action game for our Windows Phones. Graphics are a little on the dark side but game play is full of challenges.

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The launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One this week has been marred with online matchmaking issues, as well as other problems. Today developer 343 Industries said they will be rolling out server-side updates to the game to help fix those issues, while at the same time stating they are "truly sorry and feel your frustration."

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The tantalizing benefits of universal games for Windows Phone and Windows desktop is lurching slowly every day to becoming a reality. The process should accelerate with Windows 10 due next year, but for now, users have to settle for the occasional release.

Today, Riptide GP2 is that next game. Originally released through the Windows Store back in December 2013, the Windows Phone 8.1 port of the game is now available for mobile usage after some delays. More importantly, if you buy one for $2.99, you get the other one for free, making this a superb deal.

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Someline is an enjoyable Windows Phone puzzle game where you are tasked with linking colors squares by tracing a path between the two. The challenge comes into play in that your lines cannot share the same path.

The puzzle game has eight worlds with 120 levels of play with the first two worlds included in the free version. The additional levels are available in two packs (3 levels each) that are available through in-app purchase ($.99 each pack).

Someline is available for low-memory devices and isn't a bad time waster of a game. The only downside is that the first two levels do not last long and you'll be faced with the decision to pick up the add-on packs.

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Halo: the Master Chief Collection, the compilation of all four numbered Halo games, is finally available on Xbox One. Our detailed review won't be live until tomorrow, but a lot of players already own the game and are enjoying it right now.

In celebration of the Master Chief Collection launch, Windows Central is hosting a special Twitch streaming event. Tonight you can both tune in to watch us play and chat with our staff and your fellow readers, and you can also actually play with us during the session! We'll be inviting stream viewers into our custom multiplayer games for some serious Slayer and other game types.

Update: The stream has ended. We managed to play a few games, but the broken multiplayer prevented us from enjoying the game as much as we hoped. Fingers crossed that 343 will get everything working right soon!

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Ubisoft is no stranger to Windows Phone and tonight they yet have another release to grace your device: Shape Up Battle Run. The game is related to the just released Ubisoft Xbox One Shape Up game, and lets you use your Windows Phone to augment your runs.

Think of Shape Up Battle Run as a cross between a game and fitness app. Using your phone's built-in sensors, the game can simulate a pedometer to record when you are running. Alternatively, the app can access your GPS to record your runs that way too. The app then pairs you up against the computer to simulate runs against an opponent.

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Developer Telltale Games has finally offered some concrete details about their upcoming six part episodic Adventure series based on the Game of Thrones TV show from HBO, including word that the storyline will center on House Forrester, which is part of the George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire novels but have yet to be depicted in the TV series. The game will be released for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, among other platforms.

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The enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and Playstation 4 looms near. It launches next week, in fact. Fans of open-world games and crime dramas have likely placed their preorders by now, with the promise of one million in-game bonus cash sweetening the deal. But so far those preorders have only been available through retail, not the online Xbox store.

Today Rockstar and Microsoft have rectified the situation. You can now hop onto or your Xbox One and digitally preorder Grand Theft Auto V. The download costs $59.99 in the US, the same price as the retail version. Digital preorders include the in-game bonus cash and allow pre-installation of the game so that it will immediately be playable on November 18. Read on for quick game details and preorder link!

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We're into the home stretch, 2014! This week is probably one of the biggest of 2014, so get your wallets ready. As we all know, this week Microsoft will be unleashing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to your living rooms as what is probably the biggest Xbox One release of the year. Ubisoft also has a pair of games coming out. One features a master assassin while the other is a lesser known title and is Kinect only. A superhero makes his first debut on Xbox one as well as indie hit Terraria. Continue reading for the full list of this week's releases.

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Amazing Ninja is a Windows Phone game that has a minimalistic design and feel but is not without challenge. The story line behind Amazing Ninja has you playing the role of a young ninja warrior whose girlfriend has been captured by an evil witch.

Game play with Amazing Ninja is a little less dramatic. You jump your ninja through a maze of passages to eventually reach your girlfriend. The game is available for low-memory devices, Amazing Ninja does not have many bells and whistles and can be a rather frustrating game at times. While some may find Amazing Ninja to be a fun time waster, others will be turned off by the overbearing ads that appear throughout the game.

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