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Microsoft announced the Comfort Headset a while ago but it's taken some time to get our ears on it. So now we've got one, what's it like?

The Comfort Headset is a low-cost pair of earbuds designed for, well, comfort, while still offering a good quality sound. There's a choice of black, white or orange. They're a little different to look at compared to most 'regular' earbuds, but that does make a difference when you're wearing them.

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We spend so much money on smartphones to use partly as music players, why wouldn't we invest in a good quality pair of earbuds or headphones?

Not everyone desires the type of higher-quality sound you get from some of the more premium offerings, but if you do, RHA has a pair of earbuds you just might want to look at. The T10 earbuds have been designed specifically without an in-line remote which often isn't compatible with non-iPhones, and as such sees a small price cut. They're not the cheapest earbuds you'll ever buy, but they're going to serve you well.

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Easter doesn't have to be just about the kids, you know. Treat yourself to a brand new case, charger, wireless charger or even a backup battery — our selection of Windows Phone accessories is quite extensive.

You'll even find accessories for the most popular Windows phones including the HTC One M8, Nokia Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320 and Lumia 920. Use coupon code: BUNNY15 and you'll save 20% on your entire cart!

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