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When shooting and editing videos on the go, a portable storage solution is improtant to get the job done. Since my camera equipment adds weight and bulk to my bag, I need the storage solution to be small, rugged, and fast. SanDisk released their Extreme 510 Portable SSD with 480GB capacity this year, and it looks like it'll be an essential item in my backpack.

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Best cheap scanners

The cheapest option for most everyday scanning needs is using the camera on your smartphone with a free scanning app. For anything else, you’re better off getting a proper scanner. Here are some inexpensive options to get you started.

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Best gaming monitors of 2016

Whether you’re in the market for the biggest and baddest monitor or in the market for a monitor with the highest refresh rate, you’ll find something you love in our picks for the best gaming monitors of 2016.

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Best cheap printers

Need a printer that doesn’t do much more than put ink on paper? We feature the overall best cheap printer based on durability, ink costs, and, of course, price.

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