Best Car Laptop Mounts Windows Central 2021

Working from the road can be a tough prospect. Between fast food meals and traveling to meetings, you'll often need to get a little work done on your laptop (hopefully while parked). That's where a solid car laptop mount, like the Mobotron MS-426 comes in. Whether you need a comfortable way to update spreadsheets on the go, or to take the occasional Skype call, here are some of the best car mounts you should consider.

Mobotron MS-426

The basics: Mobotron MS-426

The Mobotron MS-426 is a basic but capable mount from one of the most popular manufacturers out there. The no-drill design, 8.8-pound weight tolerance while moving, and non-slip base should keep your laptop from sliding around. For more support, you can also pick up an extra brace to cut down on any wobbling.

$110 at Amazon
Mobotron MS-526

Heavy duty: Mobotron MS-526

If you need something a little sturdier, Mobotron's MS-526 is worth a look. The mount still features a no-drill install and a no-slip base, but it steps things up a notch with a heavier duty aluminum tube and a 11-pound in-motion weight limit. Quick-release levers also make adjusting the mount's position a breeze.

$139 at Amazon
AA Products K002-BS

Versatile: AA Products K002-BS

Traditional car laptop mounts can take up a lot of passenger space, so it's a no-brainer to make the best of a tight situation. The K002-BS includes a couple of drink holders placed at the back of the base, which will keep your riders happy. An extra support arm should also help to cut down on the dreaded wobble you'll experience while moving down the road.

$76 at Amazon
RAM Drill-Down Mount

Stay sturdy: RAM Universal Drill-down Mount

If you absolutely must go with the sturdiest possible option, RAM's universal drill-down mount is a solid choice. The installation process will be a bit tougher, but you can rest assured that your laptop will stay sturdy with a steady mount connection, along with shock and vibration dampening.

$199 at Amazon
Mountit! MI-7410

Strap it in: Mount-It! MI-7410

Mount-It!'s MI-7410 is a fairly unique option built to fit laptops between 12 and 14 inches. The head, base, and middle of the mount can be rotated to find the perfect position, and included venting holes should help your laptop stay cool. Add in a set of velcro straps, and your laptop should remain secure throughout your ride.

$97 at Amazon
Zone Tech Laptop Tray

Budget but effective: Zone Tech Laptop Tray

If traditional mounts are too bulky or ugly for your taste, Zone Tech's Laptop Tray is definitely worth a look. The tray can firmly attach to your steering wheel in a snap, and it can double as an eating tray for those fast food trips. When you're done, you can store it away and forget it. The best part? It's one of the cheapest and most portable options out there.

$14 at Amazon

These are some of the best laptop car mounts we've found, and each should suit a variety of needs, whether you need a fairly traditional mount or a solid, heavy duty one, and everything in between. If you're looking for the best all-around option, however, the Mobotron MS-426 is highly rated and provides enough security without totally breaking the bank.

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