Best Paper Shredders Windows Central 2022

Despite moving evermore toward a digital world, we still have to deal with reams of documents in our personal and professional lives. Tossing out these documents isn't enough, as anyone with enough gumption can and will get ahold of the information, often for nefarious purposes. We've rounded up the best paper shredders on the market, most of which go far beyond just shredding paper.

Great for home use: AmazonBasics six-sheet shredder

This low-cost shredder from AmazonBasics cross-cuts up to six sheets at a time and can also handle your expired credit cards. The paper feed measures 8.7 inches wide and there's plenty of space in the 3.8-gallon basket so that you're not continuously emptying it. Shred for two minutes before going into a 30-minute cooldown.

$35 at Amazon

Compact: Aurora desktop-style shredder

This cross-cut shredder can easily sit on your desk thanks to its compact size, allowing you to casually shred documents without moving. It isn't intended for heavy jobs, but it can still shred credit cards, paper clips, staples, and up to four sheets at once. The feed measures 4.5 inches so you'll have to fold your documents, and you'll get two minutes of shredding before a cooldown.

$33 at Amazon

High volume: Royal 18-sheet shredder

Royal's cross-cut shredder allows for 18 sheets of paper at a time, and it can run for 40 minutes before requiring a cooldown. The 8.5-gallon basket pulls out for easy access, and the whole thing is on wheels for easy relocation. It also handles CDs and credit cards, and it comes with a 5-year warranty on the blades and motor.

$200 at Amazon

Long runtime: Bonsaii EverShred 18-sheet shredder

If you don't want to wait next to a large stack of documents while your shredder cools down, this Bonsaii EverShred will cross-cut for 60 minutes at a time and can handle 18 sheets at once. It has a six-gallon pullout basket and the whole thing is on wheels, plus it comes with a one-year warranty on everything included.

$152 at Amazon

No jams: Fellowes Powershred shredder

This Fellowes cross-cut shredder promises no jams at all no matter if you're putting paper, CDs, or credit cards through it. There's a large 9-gallon basket that pulls out for easy disposal, you get 30 minutes of shredding before a 40-minute cooldown, and it comes with a lifetime cutter warranty.

$230 at Amazon

Great for the office: HSM Shredstar X17 shredder

If there are multiple people using the same shredder in an office setting, the HSM Shredstar might be the best option. It takes up to 17 sheets of paper at a time, there's a separate slot for CDs, and it comes with a lifetime cutter warranty. You get 15 minutes of continuous shredding before a 30-minute cooldown, and it remains relatively quiet despite its capabilities.

$250 at Amazon

If we're making some suggestions

You've read through the list above and think "They're all shredders, where do I start?" If you need something for relatively light home usage, you can save a load of money by going with the $35 AmazonBasics six-sheet shredder. If, however, you have a huge backlog of documents that need shredding, the Bonsaii EverShred will get through the work faster thanks to a 60-minute runtime before needing a cooldown.

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