It's one of the least glamorous pieces of equipment in your office, either home or work, but a good shredder is vital if you're handling documents, credit cards or discs.

Disposing of any sensitive data is done best by destroying it as much as you possibly can. Enter the shredder (sadly, not the one up top).

Not all shredders are created equal, so if you're looking for the best, get yourself one of these.

AmazonBasics Cross-cut

Amazon Basics

The AmazonBasics shredder ticks all the important boxes when it comes to destroying your documents. Not only documents, either, but credit cards, too.

The 6-sheet model is excellent value at $30, but if you need more capacity there are both 8- and 12-sheet models for a little more.

All models have the all-important crosscut shredding, turning your documents into smaller strips than a strip-cut shredder.

It can run for 2 minutes continuously with a 30-minute cooldown time, which with 6-sheets going through at a time is a decent amount of shredding.

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Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

Fellows Powershred

If you're in the market for a more serious shredder, the Fellows Powershred is one of the best around, as per Best Reviews:

The Fellowes 79Ci cross-cut shredder has the versatility to handle both light- and heavy-duty assignments. A single sheet of paper flies through the feed chute into a generous, six-gallon storage bin.

A sensor prevents you overloading it and Fellowes promises a 100% jam-free system. No-one likes picking paper out of the blades on their shredder. The same sensor will stop the shredder when it detects hands at the paper opening.

The Powershred is crosscut and besides paper can handle credit cards and CDs/DVDs to destroy your digital data. It costs $166 but it's an awful lot of shredder.

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Bonsaii DocShred C560-D

Bonsaii DocShred

The Bonsaii DocShred is a great value shredder at $35 that will turn your documents to dust.

OK, not quite dust, but the micro-cut shredding will chomp the paper down to really tiny pieces, and when it comes to shredding, the smaller the better. And with a 4 gallon wastebasket you'll get plenty done before you have to go recycle.

You can get the 6-sheet model for that $35 but 8- and 12-sheet models also exist if you're looking for more.

The Bonsaii also has a manual reverse and an auto start feature to help you minimize, and then clear any potential paper jams.

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Aurora AS420C

Aurora shredder

The thing with a lot of shredders is that they're pretty big. And that's fine because in most cases you'll want as much capacity as possible. But if you want something smaller, say, that you can fit on your desk, then this Aurora shredder is what you should be looking at.

You trade off ultimate capacity because it's smaller, but even so, the basket will still hold 40-sheets of shredded paper.

Despite its size, it's still crosscut, so you're getting solid security from your shreds, and the little handle on the basket is handy for the trips to the recycling.

It's also only $29, and you'll never have to reach under your desk again.

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