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Best Paper Shredders in 2022

Despite moving evermore toward a digital world, we still have to deal with reams of documents in our personal and professional lives. Tossing out these documents isn't enough, as anyone with enough gumption can and will get ahold of the information, often for nefarious purposes. We've rounded up the best paper shredders on the market, most of which go far beyond just shredding paper.

If we're making some suggestions

You've read through the list above and think "They're all shredders, where do I start?" If you need something for relatively light home usage, you can save a load of money by going with the $35 AmazonBasics six-sheet shredder (opens in new tab). If, however, you have a huge backlog of documents that need shredding, the Bonsaii EverShred (opens in new tab) will get through the work faster thanks to a 60-minute runtime before needing a cooldown.

Cale Hunt
Cale Hunt

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