Lost Echo

Lost Echo is a new adventure game in the Windows Phone Store where you are desperately searching for your girlfriend. The story driven game is full of puzzles to solve, mini-games to tackle and an impressive 3D environment.

The game has been a hit over on iOS with plenty of accolades from user reviews. In just tinkering with Lost Echo for a short time, it should be well received by the Windows Phone platform and another quality addition to the Windows Phone Store.

You play the role of Greg whose girlfriend Chloe disappears in front of him. You will need to guide Greg through his quest to find Chloe and to discover what happened.

Lost Echo

Key features of Lost Echo include:

  • Detailed and realistic 3D graphics
  • A soundtrack written and scored for the game
  • Meet and interact number characters, find clues and reveal the mystery behind Chloe's disappearance
  • Intuitive point and click interface
  • Two gaming modes

The only potential downside to Lost Echo we can see after spending a little time with the game is the lack of a trial version. The game is running $2.99 and without a trial version, the developer may be missing out on potential customers.

We'll take Lost Echo out for a test drive over the weekend and give you a better feel for things in a few days. Until then, you can find Lost Echo through the link below.

Thanks, Jawad96, for the tip!

QR: Lost Echo