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Huge Gameloft Windows Phone sale includes Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises!

The Xbox Red Stripe Deal of the Week doesn’t update until Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a new Xbox Windows Phone deal today. The good folks at Gameloft are running a little sale of their own, with almost every single one of their titles marked down in price. The best deals of the bunch have to be The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises for three bucks apiece - those games only came out in March!

Full list with descriptions and store links after the break.

The Oregon Trail returns to Windows Phone 8 just as Shoot 1UP leaves [Updated]

Windows Phone 8 hasn’t exactly been kind to the mobile lineup of Xbox games. To say nothing of the disheartening scarcity of WP8-specific games, more than 20 Xbox WP7 games simply aren’t available on WP8 due to incompatibility. In my opinion, Microsoft has handled these incompatibility issues quite poorly.

Still, in my original article about the mass delisting of WP8-incompatible games, I did predict that some of those games would eventually be patched and become available for WP8. Over the weekend we saw a semi-incompatible game BulletAsylum (which hadn’t actually been partially delisted like other affected titles) get patched to work properly on WP8. And now the first game from the ‘delisted’ list has appeared on WP8 as well: The Oregon Trail HD from Gameloft.

Xbox Live:The Oregon Trail for Windows Phone makes the trip to Europe at last

The Windows Phone Marketplace differs by region, with some games and apps available in one area but not another. This is typically due to translation costs or licensing issues - hence why Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is not available in the US.

Up until now, the reverse has been true for Gameloft’s The Oregon Trail. It launched in the US in November 2010 but was not available in outside markets. Thankfully, the game has just expanded to other territories as well. We can’t confirm each individual Marketplace, but it’s definitely available in the UK. That means our British friends (including WPCentral’s own lovably patriotic Rich Edmonds) can finally learn about the challenges that early American settlers faced as they braved the Oregon Trail.

Yes, The Oregon Trail is an edutainment title, focusing on the emigrant trail used by thousands of settlers to travel from the Missouri River to Oregon during the 1800s. It features a lively cartoonish art style and several minigames to make the simulation and learning more fun. Plus you get to die of dysentery! Check out our review for more gameplay details. Oregon Trail’s Achievements are mostly easy, but the ‘Gold Digger’ Achievement is semi-glitched. Make sure you follow the instructions in this Achievement Guide to unlock it.

The Oregon Trail costs $4.99 in the US and £3.99 in the UK. Note that this title is a prime candidate for a 99 cent price drop due to its age, but we never know when those are coming. If you prefer not to wait, get it here on the Marketplace.

Our attempt of the MarketPlace Enabler

There has been a known issue clouding the Marketplace on our beloved platform that has affected a good number on non-US residents (surprise, surprise) – not being able to download a good number of apps (mainly just after they are published) or even access the Marketplace itself, as India has to struggle to cope with.

I have had this problem myself, attempting to download The Oregon Trail to bring back the old days of Windows 98. Reading up on a previous post about a registry hack that changes the location of the computer and allows you to catch apps using Zune software. Now The Windows Club team have taken it to the next level (good news for the less technically savvy) and have released MarketPlace Enabler.

This handy little program allows anyone who can’t access the Marketplace to change the location and literally access it from anywhere in the world (except you wont be physically moving from your seat). As you’d be using the Zune software, free and paid apps will be downloaded just as you would on your phone, and it is all perfectly safe as the payment gateway attached to your Xbox Live/Zune account will be used to complete the purchase.

I installed the software on my Windows 7 desktop, highly excited to get my hands on The Oregon Trail HD. Simply running the .exe file (while Zune wasn’t running and my phone was disconnected) I as able to change my location and it reported a successful change. Unfortunately, when plugging my phone in and starting Zune, I still could not find The Oregon Trail HD, which I should now be able to see/purchase. After countless reboots, and defaulting/changing my location with the tool, it seems that I have hit a brick wall and wont be going down the Oregon Trail in HD anytime soon, without hacks anyway. MarketPlace Enabler also doesn’t allow me to pretend I’m from another planet; something I hope will be fixed in a future version, along with the above.

Although the tool itself failed to work, the idea and concept is spot on. There is room for improvement and possible fixes could be applied to a future update, or we could pin our hopes on the Marketplace loosening up slightly.

Check out the detailed page over at The Windows Club for more information and the download link. Let us know if the solution worked and how it has improved your experience with your Windows phone, or if it failed.

Source: The Windows Club; via: Mobility Digest

Software Review (WP7): Oregon Trail

Gameloft has released Oregon Trail HD over at the Marketplace. The Windows Phone 7 application is an entertaining and addictive game with an educational twist to it.

The game is based in the mid-1800's as you travel west along the Oregon Trail with your family. As you travel west, you have the opportunity to test your skills in several mini-games to replenish your food supply or earn money as well as dodge the various dangers the trail presents (indian raids, bandits, foul weather, etc.).

It's one of the higher priced gaming titles and to see if we think it's worth the $4.99 price tag, ease on past the break.

Assassin’s Creed, Oregon Trail Available in Marketplace

Just a month ago we were collectively salivating over the apps that Windows Phone 7 makes possible. Now, many of those apps (specifically games) are coming to fruition as more titles show up in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Two more classics are now available on your Windows Phone 7 device as Gameloft’s Assassin’s Creed ($6.99) and The Oregon Trail ($4.99) are available for download.

We’ll be reviewing both titles in the next several days, so keep an eye out for those. Both games are Xbox Live titles, so trial versions are available. Let us know your first impressions in the comments.

Gameloft's HD titles heading to the Windows Phone Marketplace

The Windows Phone Marketplace is quickly approaching 1,000 apps which has a large contingency of gaming titles. Gameloft has posted a video over at their Youtube channel highlighting a few of their HD titles that will be available for the Windows Phone 7.

The teaser video highlights Earthworm Jim, UNO, Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles, Brain Challenge and The Oregon Trail. All look really good, especially Assassin's Creed.

November 8th can't get here quick enough.

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