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Snap Quiz Challenge is an exhausting game of trivia

Snap Quiz Challenge is a fast-paced trivia game for Windows 10 where you face 11 categories of questions in rapid succession. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible by answering as many questions as possible. Stumble with one question and the game is over.

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The support class in Battlefield 1 is an essential part of the team, right up there with medics. It’s your job as an support player to give ammo, repair armor and vehicles, and provide much-needed mortar support over positions that are heavily entrenched. Here’s how to get the most out of the support class in Battlefield 1.

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Crack the Code with Break The Safe

Puzzle games can be a fun way to pass short bits of time with. Break The Safe is a relatively new Windows 10 Mobile game that has the potential being a fun time waster. It requires patience, a quick touch and a little luck to crack open the safe.

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Zombie Anarchy is a combat strategy game for Windows 10 PC and Mobile where you battle hordes of Zombies. You gather a group of survivors who possess a certain skill set designed to destroy the walking dead. The game is a quality addition to the Zombie genre and a fun time waster.

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Best Sports Games for Windows 10

For the sports fan, it is hard to beat a challenging sports video game to help pass the time. While Xbox One sports games are tough to beat, the Windows Store has a few sport game titles that can be equally entertaining while on the go or while parked in front of your PC.

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