Free the Network

Get addicted to Free the Network, launches on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

If you can't get enough of endless runners, here's another one worth checking out. Free the Network is very difficult, but you will keep coming back for more. Want to know what else is cool about this game? Pixel Blimp (, the developers, has released the game simultaneously on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone!

We've installed it on our Nokia Lumia 930. Head past the break to watch our gameplay video.

How far can you roll? That's the point in Free the Network. There's a three-dimensional pipe with several black shapes that form obstacles. Press the left or right side of the screen to steer your ball. You have to look ahead to plan your moves. You'll often have to move quickly at the right moments, so make sure to pay close attention. If you prefer to use tilt, you can change it in the settings.

Free the Network

Flags can be used to set checkpoints. Click the flag at the bottom of the screen before crashing so you can start from that position after crashing instead of starting all the way from the beginning. You start with 20 flags, but more are available as in-app purchases. For example, 10 flags cost 99 cents.

There are only three colors at a time on the screen. There's white for the ball, black for the shapes, and colors in the background that change when you pass different zones.

The main screen displays your personal best and the previous run. The positions are also highlighted on the pipe so you can see exactly where they are.

Free the Network

Free the Network is a free download from the Windows Phone Store and includes 20 flags for setting checkpoints. You'll eventually run out of flags and may want to purchase more. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Arpit M.!

512mb supported

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Reader comments

Get addicted to Free the Network, launches on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Yah without the checkpoints i can see this game becoming boring real fast, I'm not a spender when it comes to games. I'd rather play a free game with adds in the menus than Play a game where you're kind of forced to do in game purchases... But that is only my opinion, i know lots of people will buy flags with a smile

Hehe.. I hate IAPs too. I'd rather buy a game worth $5 with no IAPs than a freemium game summing IAPs upto the price of a game console :p

It shows that it takes up 41 MB in the marketplace but storage sense shows it taking up 83 MB.

I kind of feel 512 devices are holding the platform back.... Ive got a 520 my self, and i get that the platform is super efficient and doesn't need loads of ram, but look at apple for example, ios is also a super efficient os, for years theve also been using 512 on their flagship device, but theve also realised that they've got to upgrade to 1gb woth the last iphone s. Btw, does anyone know how much ram the iphone c has? And if its 512, any lags?

I personally don't think that 512 RAM devices are holding them back. But I do think, that there should be much more 1 GB and higher phones in the future. 512 RAM phones give newbies a cheaper taste of the OS, which would give them incentive to upgrade.

Atlast, you know a game (from the banner) is supported/not-supported for 512MB without opening the store and seeing the text "This game is not supporteed on your device" .

I'm liking how he is showing us al that he has a 930 in the video... ;)

One quick show of the back at the start of the video, and one quick show of the back of the phone at the end of the video, just for good measure


the game has UI problems on my phone. Lumia 520 here. The start button doesn't quite say START. In fact, doesn't say anything. It is just an amount of lines. Anyone else experiencing this? But great game however.

Just downloaded it.. Wow, what a game! Loving the visual style, and it is tricky! And those flags disappear so quickly, I can see myself spending a fortune on them if I'm not careful!

The creators of this game need to be locked in a prison for creating this addication that makes me want to thow my phone into the river and then jump off a bridge.

Seriously, this game is fun and addicting. It's just too addicting, and the value of the IAPs make you want to spend 5.99 vs 0.99. This, here, is the perfect game that will top candy crush as the game that makes a million dollars per day.

I have the same problem on my 620. The change log of the game does state that they are aware of corruption on the UI so I suggest waiting for the next update. The game still is extremely awesome though.

I have to be using WP 8.1 to use this!!! When the hell will Microsoft release it for Vivo carrier in Brazil?!?

I'm not going to install Preview for Developers because I will have to downgrade to upgrade then -.-'

Good on the developers for being so open and releasing on all three platforms simultaneously!!! Proof that some of MS' hard work will/is eventually pay off :P 

Somehow this game looks better in 1520 than in 925. Cleaner and prettier. Maybe this has something to do with phone specs... I'm enjoying it though.