Best Shooting Games for the Oculus Quest in 2019

Oculus Quest kneeling
Oculus Quest kneeling (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Oculus Quest is practically built for shooting games. Its support for two Touch Controllers and lack of wires or external hardware make it an excellent device for dodging bullets and firing at enemies. The Oculus Store has several titles that take advantage of this setup, ranging from post-apocalyptic zombie shooters to robot mauling mayhem.

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Robo Recall: Unplugged (opens in new tab)

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Robo Recall is a chaotic shooter where you have to "shut down" robots that have gone haywire. And by "shut down," I mean shoot, blast apart with a shotgun, or rip to pieces. You can block bullets with guns, blow robots apart, and rip a robot's head off and use its body as a weapon in this insane shooter.

Ready, aim, fire!

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The Oculus Quest has a wide range of shooters. You can play less violent shooting games like paintball within Rec Room or blow off zombies' limbs in games like Dead and Buried II. The Touch Controllers track well enough that you can accurately aim at opponents, and their triggers make it natural to shoot down your enemies.

The first shooting game I'd recommend on the Oculus Quest is Robo Recall: Unplugged (opens in new tab). It's a frantic shooter that lets you rip robots apart and blow machines up with shotguns and other weapons. It's incredible on the Oculus Quest because you can spin around and fight enemies freely. The controls are also natural, allowing you to reload and switch guns from virtual holsters on your hip and back.

Another great title is Space Pirate Trainer (opens in new tab). It feels like an immersive version of space invaders mixed with a classic arcade. It's an excellent display of the Oculus Quest's abilities as a shooting VR system and a great game to show your friends.