Best Xbox Game Pass games for November Windows Central 2019

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's all-in-one subscription for Xbox One games, granting a Netflix-style library for $10 per month. We've rounded up the unmissable Xbox Game Pass games in 2018.

Country roads: Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft's latest, Forza Horizon 4 , is an accessible arcade racer ideal for any gamer. Staged in the British countryside, it presents leading visuals paired and a huge open-world filled with activities.

$59 at Amazon

Post-apocalypse: Fallout 4

Once the bombs fall, the charred wasteland beyond Vault 111 packs hours of intrigue to explore. Among Bethesda's deepest role-playing games yet, Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic Massachusetts can't be missed.

$24 at Amazon

Relive a classic: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Rounding up over a decade of Master Chief, this all-inclusive bundle packs the best of Halo. Upgraded for Xbox One X, experience all campaigns and multiplayer in 4K and HDR.

$29 at Amazon

Unleash hell: DOOM

Send demons back to hell with this fast-paced return of the classic arcade shooter. Leveraging tight gunplay, gore-filled takedowns, and crazy firepower, DOOM will always satisfy that shooter itch.

$20 at Amazon

Fight for justice: Tom Clancy's The Division

After an outbreak sweeps New York's snow-draped streets, agents of Tom Clancy's The Division rise to maintain order. Fight back rival factions across this shared open world, chasing that next drop of high-level loot.

$20 at Amazon

Eyes on target: Hitman

Step into the shoes of the iconic suit-bearing killer, infiltrating top organizations and executing daring assassinations. Featuring all six Hitman episodes, this expansive sandbox is primed for hours of carnage.

$39 at Amazon

Rocket science: Rocket League

Remote-controlled rocket cars and soccer aren't a common recipe but form a strong foundation for Rocket League. It's a simple but addictive concept, ideal for hours of play.

$29 at Amazon

Urban adventures: Cities Skylines

Scale your own towering metropolis in Cities Skylines; the PC simulation game rebuilt for Xbox One. Spanning infrastructure, resources, and all aspects of city life, there are countless nuances to uncover.

$40 at Amazon

All-out action: Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is the latest entry in Microsoft's iconic franchise, packing an explosive story campaign, competitive multiplayer, and co-op "Horde" mode. It's a great all-rounder among Xbox's highlights.

$25 at Amazon

Microsoft's latest racing entry, Forza Horizon 4, is easily among the top games on Xbox One today – even for those who aren't genre fans. Fallout 4 and DOOM are stellar single-player experiences, published by the king of the genre, Bethesda. And for those with friends, don't overlook Tom Clancy's The Division, especially with a sequel on the horizon.

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