Best Xbox Games on PC of 2022

Here are some of the best games available for Windows 10 PCs that also come with Xbox integration, and in some cases, cross-purchasing thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere.

Gears of War 4

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Simply put, Gears of War 4 is a masterpiece. Picking up after the events of the original saga, Gears of War 4 starts a new story filling the boots of J.D. Fenix, son of the legendary protagonist Marcus Fenix.

With a stunning campaign, comprehensive multiplayer mode and the tremendous Horde 3.0, Gears of War 4 is the best exclusive available on Xbox right now, and with Play Anywhere you can switch seamlessly between PC and console. ($39.99)

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Forza Motorsport 7

The biggest, best Forza to date and the best racer on the Xbox One is also on the PC with Xbox Play Anywhere. You also get added benefits like an unlocked frame rate to go with those stunning visuals that push the resolution all the way to 4K.

The single-player experience has been enhanced and is more engaging than on previous Forza games, and there are frequent challenges added by the developers to keep things fresh. The online multiplayer is accessible for newcomers and challenging for old hands alike. It's racing done right. ($59.99)

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Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition

This is easily one of the most spectacular looking games you've ever seen. A platformer that tells a tale of love, sacrifice and hope, the hand-drawn artwork and exsquisite soundtrack combines for one of the most atmospheric games you'll find on any platform.

The definitive edition arrived with new areas to explore, new abilities to use and more story on the main character, Naru's past. There's absolutely no reason not to play this game. ($19.99)

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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct was the first cross-buy-supporting title between Xbox One and Windows 10, but with the Definitive Edition it went full Play Anywhere. Killer Instinct is Microsoft's first-party brawler, reborn from the Rare game of old with a new-generation overhaul.

Everything you expect to find in a beat-em-up is here: tons of characters, a bajillion combo moves, a single player story mode and the chance to go online and kick the bottoms of players around the world. Killer Instinct doesn't get the hype that Street Fighter does, but it's arguably a better game. Give it a try! (Free)

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

This isn't Resident Evil like you remember, far from it. Beyond the jump to first-person perspective, the latest installment in the long-running franchise is a game that'll make you need a spare pair of pants on standby.

Besides the jump scares, what you'll actually find is a slick shooter with a well-designed environment and fairly impressive graphics. It isn't a Play Anywhere title, which is a little disappointing, but you get the full Xbox Live treatment by getting it from the Windows Store. ($29.99)

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Halo Wars 2

This might just be one of the best titles to bear the Halo name, despite moving away from FPS and into the strategy arena. Halo Wars 2 is jam packed with an epic storyline, sharp visuals and plenty of game modes to keep newcomers and old hands happy.

As a Play Anywhere title you can move between console and PC, but let's face facts. You're playing Halo Wars 2 you're going to be better on the PC. Sometimes a mouse and keyboard is just, well, better. ($39.99)

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If space exploration is your bag then Everspace is for you. It mixes stunning visuals with roguelike elements and an engaging story packed with surprises. Scavenge and upgrade your way through some stunning interstellar vistas, and blow up various nasty space pirates along the way.

Everspace spent a while in the Game Preview program but it's now complete and ready to go. It's also an Xbox Play Anywhere title so go between PC and console at your leisure. ($29.99)

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Fallout Shelter

This isn't Fallout as you may know it, but it's a lot of fun in its own right. It's free to play and you take charge of your own vault as the overseer. It's your job to build up the shelter, adding new rooms, going ever deeper underground, while maintaining the health and happiness of your dwellers.

Send them out to explore the wasteland or take on specific quests, or keep them at home to protect against raider attacks. The decisions are yours to make. It's also Xbox Play Anywhere supported so you can jump over to the console, too. (Free)

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Cuphead (Image credit: Microsoft)

Get ready to rage. Then rage some more. Cuphead has a reputation for two things in particular: Its stunning, unique appearance and its difficulty. If you enjoy a challenging game, Cuphead is going to be right up your street.

It's a classic "run and gun" game with a heavy focus on boss battles, with its artwork complemented by an old-school side-scroller feel. The art and the music are, thankfully, so glorious that you'll keep coming back even when it enrages you the most. Not to be missed. ($19.99)

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The Long Dark

Having spent a long time in the Game Preview program on the Xbox One, The Long Dark is now available on console and PC as an Xbox Play Anywhere title with a single-player story as well as an open-ended survival mode.

It has a unique styling and its exploration survival experience will challenge you to think about your actions in order to survive. If you hesitate or make the wrong call, it could be game over for you in the bleak, frozen wilderness. ($34.99)

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Updated December 19, 2017: We've refreshed the list to make sure you're still getting the very best Xbox games for PC as we close out 2017.

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