Watch us play Forza Horizon 2 on Twitch tonight and you could win the game or Storm Island DLC!

Every weekend, Windows Central streams an Xbox One game or two on Twitch for 1-2 hours and gives out free games to the cool people who join us during the stream. It's like a live podcast only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers!

Tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 1am GMT), we'll be playing Forza Horizon 2 from Playground Games and Microsoft Studios. We want you guys there, chatting along. So we're giving out five full copies of Forza Horizon 2 Deluxe Edition ($80 value) and five codes for the 'Storm Island' DLC expansion ($20 value). Those are some high dollar prizes that any racing fan should love!

Update: The stream and contest have ended. Continue reading for the full replay video now in YouTube format, tonight's winners, and next week's streaming schedule!

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Stream replay video and more about Forza Horizon 2

This open-world racing game centers around the Horizon Festival –a gathering of cars and racers from all over Europe. Players can enter over 150 different sets of races, with numerous objectives and locations keeping things interesting. Instead of racing on sterile tracks, you'll be cruising through European streets and countrysides. Races can even take you off-road, cranking up the adrenaline and challenge.

It certainly helps that those locations are utterly gorgeous in motion. That goes for the weather effects too. Forza Horizon 2 handles inclement weather really well, something we rarely see in racing games. Storms will break out organically as you play, changing the way everything looks and how your car interacts with the road.

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 also has two great online multiplayer modes, allowing participants to go on structured road trips together or simply free roam. But the asynchronous multiplayer features are my favorites. The world's AI racers are mostly made up of Drivatars based on the play styles of your friends and other players.

Car clubs, the game's version of clans, provide extra goals and competition even when you're not directly challenging other players. We even have a Windows Central club you can join – just search for it by name or club tag WPCe.

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The Xbox One version of Forza Horizon 2 was my retail game of the year in 2014. Join us tonight to see why I'm so crazy for it!

The Contest and How to watch Twitch live streams

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One

We'll be streaming Forza Horizon 2 for 90 minutes tonight, starting at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 1am GMT). During that time, we'll be giving out a total of 10 Xbox One codes:

  • 5 Forza Horizon 2 Deluxe Edition for Xbox One (Includes game and Car Pass DLC)
  • 5 Forza Horizon 2 'Storm Island' DLC codes

To enter, just follow both of our channels at and (making sure to enable email notifications!) and tune in during the stream. You can watch the stream right here in this post, but you need to actually participate in the stream chat to have a chance at winning. We'll deliver codes to the winners via Twitch message (PM) during the stream. No code begging!

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One

How to watch Twitch live streams

What's the best way to experience Twitch? The Twitch website on your PC or Mac web browser. If you don't have or prefer not to use a computer, you can get the Xbox One, Playstation 4, or Xbox 360 Twitch apps and watch from the comfort of your couch. Android and iOS both have official and unofficial Twitch apps to choose from as well.

On Windows Phone, you'll have to grab an unofficial app. There are several to choose from, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Only one app lets you search directly for our channels ( and, though. If you use the others you'll have to find and follow us from a web browser first. Read the roundup to learn more!

Tonight's contest winners and next week's streaming schedule

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One

Want to know what's next for Windows Central's Twitch programming? Here's this week's schedule. The stream always starts at the same time: 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific, 1am GMT).

  • Sunday, March 15 : Ziggurat for Xbox One and Windows from Milkstone Studios. See it before it comes out on March 20!
  • Monday, March 16 : La Mulana EX for PlayStation Vita and Windows (as La Mulana). Win a Vita game code!
  • Tuesday, March 17: The Witcher 2 for Xbox 360. Catch up on The Witcher saga before The Witcher 3 launches in May!
  • Wednesday, March 18: BladeStorm Nightmare for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from Koei Tecmo, which comes out on Tuesday!
  • Thursday, March 19: Dragon Age: Inquisition for Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Windows. Chosen by our loyal viewers!
  • Saturday, March 21: Costume Quest 2 for Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Windows from DoubleFine and Midnight City

We hope you'll tune in as often as you can! Set a recurring alarm on your phone so you'll always know when it's time for the stream to start.

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One


Ten viewers won prizes this week. Join us next Saturday and the winner could be you!

Forza Horizon 2 Deluxe Edition

  • Rlasten
  • Jmf337
  • Armandojv
  • Nullvectorq
  • Thelairytwin1

Forza Horizon 2 'Storm Island' DLC

  • Kluckmyduck
  • Kyralea
  • 007zbr
  • Richrubis
  • Mongbox

Thanks to Microsoft for providing tonight's prizes. Thanks also to our Twitch stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!

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