A universal version of Glympse is in the works for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

The team behind location-tracking app Glympse has revealed that a UWP version of the app is in the works for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Glympse picks up international support in latest update for Windows Phone

Recently, travel-tracking app Glympse made a triumphant return to Windows Phone with their first update in nearly three-years. The app has been completely redesigned and now takes advantage of the background GPS task that Windows Phone offers, letting the app run while you do other things on the phone.

One downside on the initial release was that the app didn't have support for non-US users. Glympse has had a few bug fixes and updates since, and the latest one brings lets international users in on the fun.

Glympse travel tracker for Windows Phone gets an update after a three year hiatus

Glympse ( is probably one of the most useful services when making a car trip. The free service allows you to share your journey with friends or family so that they can track you in real time. For instance, imagine you're meeting up with a friend in the city. You can give them a Glympse along with your ETA, allowing your compadre to see where you are (and perhaps preventing an unnecessary call when you're running late).

Gympse originally arrived on Windows Phone back in 2011 and before that it was even on Windows Mobile 6. The app had a handful of updates jumping from 1.0 to 2.0 in five months, but after November 2011, the well went dry. The deserting was particularly painful because it wasn't until Windows Phone 8 and the background GPS tasks that Glympse had the potential to be fully unleashed. On Windows Phone 7, the Glympse app had to stay in the forefront, losing the signal if tombstoned.

However, June 17, 2014 is the day Glympse finally returned to Windows Phone.

AT&T holding a fire sale on Windows Mobile phones

"Everything must go! Folks we are literally giving away these phones, we cannot hold on to them any longer! We need to make room for the iPhone 4 and Andro...err, Windows phone 7 devices"

That's what we think it sounds like over at AT&T right now as evidently they sent out an email to their "premier" fancy-pants customers noting that you can get some pretty solid Windows Mobile 6.5 devices for bargain rates (*with a new contract of course, they're not that desperate).

For example:

  • HP Glisten (review) for free
  • Samsung Jack (review) for free
  • HTC Tilt 2 (review) for $74.99
  • HTC Pure (review) for $39.99 (out of stock)
  • LG eXpo (review)for $69.99

A 1GHz Snapdragon device for $70? Oh LG eXpo, we hardly knew you! (-_-)

Anyways, if you need a backup device, want to stock up for the apocalypse or befuddle friends and family by giving them as gifts, head over to AT&T and get them while we still recall their names (Premier account login required).

Hey everyone, remember how like nine-months ago, these devices were the talk of the town and the Touch Pro 2 was a boarderline unicorn? Yup, those days are now over, time to move on, the unicorn is dead.

[Thanks, Mark L, for the tip!]

Marketplace Spotlight: Glympse vs. Wizi


Some time ago we looked at Glympse, a GPS Tracking app.  More recently, we've also taken a look at Wizi, a similar GPS application.  While we've reviewed both, we thought a comparative piece was in order.  Is Wizi strong enough to lure you away from the Marketplace or does Glympse have more to offer along with the convenience of the Marketplace?  ( it's not like downloading the Wizi .cab is all that inconvient but we needed to tie this into the Marketplace.)

Follow the Break to see how these to GPS location apps measure up.

Review Glympse (GPS Tracking) Freeware

I discovered Glympse by using the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which goes to show you just how powerful that piece of software is going to be.

In short, Glympse is a free, easy to use, no strings attached application that allows certain contacts you select to track your location/travels in timed increments.  Think of it this way: say you are taking a road trip to visit some friends and you think you'll be there by 4:30pm.  Well, with Glympse your friends can see exactly where you are on that trip without bothering you (i.e.getting that call while driving "How much longer do you think?").

I gave this app a quick spin and came away impressed.  It's both visually appealing, simple, effective and kind of fun to use. Best part is there is no signing up, enrolling or hoops to jump through.  All the other person needs is an email/sms account and access to the internet to click a hyperlink.

Take a look after the jump to see it in action and how it works.