Best Smart Rings for Women Windows Central 2019

Rings are easily the best accessories a person can have. Not only are they subtle, but most of them also aren't so heavy that your hand will start aching afterward, the way many smartwatches can. Granted, a smart ring can do less — there's only so much technological marvel you can fit into a ring — and whether you want to count your steps, contact trusted contacts in an emergency, monitor your notifications discreetly, track your sleep cycles, or unlock your devices, there's a smart ring out there for all the tech-y ladies. Now put your hands up!

Sweet dreams: Oura Silver Ring

The Oura Ring wants to ensure you're getting a good night's and ready to face the day. Measuring your pulse, body temperature and movements, Oura uses slim silver rings that can last a week on a single charge to keep you in tip top shape. This ring comes in a variety of colors and styles, but some are more expensive than others.

$299+ at Oura Ring

Best bling ring ever: Blinq Moonstone Crystal Smart Ring

Made from sterling silver and genuine gemstones, it'll be easy to fool anyone you meet that this ring isn't anything special. Why would you want to do that? Because Blinq's SOS feature can allow you to discreetly message designated contacts or post an geolocation SOS to Facebook. This ring can also track your fitness goals up to 2 days on a single wireless charge.

$149 at Blinq

The perfect fit for fitness: Motiv Smart Ring

Sleek and available in 3 finishes, Motiv is perfect for a woman on the go: it's waterproof and incredibly durable with its smooth titanium shell. Connect the ring to your phone through Bluetooth and the Motiv app, allowing you to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep habits. The sizing guide for Motiv ensures your ring fits perfectly.

$200 at Amazon

Fashional panic button: Nimb Smart Ring

The world is a dangerous place, and it pays to be prepared. Nimb's smart ring lets you send an alert to trusted contacts or 911 with one simple press of a button that is so discreetly hidden, nobody will be any wiser. There is a subscription fee for the Nimb ring, but it is professionally monitored.

$290+ at Nimb

Putting the K in Kool: The K Ring

The K Ring, also known as the Kerv Ring, is a smart ring that helps you make contactless payments without having to fumble through your wallet to find the right card. And it isn't just contactless payments in your country, it can be anywhere in the world that accepts contactless. The ring also gives you balance notifcations, and even risk assessments if it feels you're spending too much.

$102 at K Ring Store

These rings can protect you, interact with apps, and so much more, and we're certain you'll find something that you'll like. However, if we had to pick one for style and functionality alone? Then there's no other ring to pick from but the Moonstone Blinq smart ring due to its subtle style, how it benefits both your safety and your notification interactions through changing colors and patterns.

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