The TP-Link smart plug mini is down to $15.82 on Amazon, which is within a few bucks of its all-time low. It tends to fluctuate a bunch, but seems to bound between $24 and $30. The last deal we shared on it was a drop to $20.

One of these would be perfect to begin automating and scheduling the use of some of your recent Black Friday purchases. Unlike most other smart plugs on the market right now, this one only covers up a single outlet, meaning you can stack two of them in the same receptacle, or use just one with another plug. The free Kasa iOS and Android apps allow you to control the status of the plug from anywhere, and you can also use a voice assistant, like Alexa on the Echo Dot to turn it on or off. It can be scheduled and has an away mode to turn devices on and off at random times so it appears as though you're home.

If you've been looking for some extra smart plugs for the house, or want to try one out for the first time, this is one of the best options available.

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