The Best Gifts to Experience Virtual Reality

There's nothing wrong with a good old fashioned escape. Some people use books, some binge watch all of Westworld in an afternoon, and of course we all know someone who gets sucked into a game for a while every now and again. The key to any good escape is feeling immersed in the world you're gazing into, and that's one of the things you'll find is much easier to do inside Virtual Reality.

This past year has been filled with all sorts of VR headsets, and choosing which headset is right for you has become a challenge. It's even more complicated if you're interested in giving VR as a gift. This guide will make that a little easier, ultimately making it so you can give the best possible gift this year!

HTC Vive - For the explorers

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Do you have someone in your life that absolutely loves trying new things and exploring news ways to have fun? There's a good chance an HTC Vive is the perfect gift for them. This VR headset lets you transform an entire room into a new world, making it so every step you take in reality is a step taken in VR. You can reach out and slash at an enemy with a virtual sword, paint on a 3D canvas, crawl through vents in virtual skyscrapers, and reach out with both hands to see how well you can fix a car.

There's an incredible amount of things you can do already with an HTC Vive, and new ideas are arriving weekly. The only catch here is the need for a VR-ready PC, but the end result is a truly unique set of experiences that will send you to the top of the Favorite Person list for sure.

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Oculus Rift - For the bleeding edge

If you have someone in your life that lives on the latest and greatest, someone who is constantly upgrading their PC so it's better than anything else out there, an Oculus Rift is the gift for them. This VR headset takes you to another world without needing to leave your amazing gaming chair, and the games available for this system right now are truly unique. If sitting still in VR isn't enough, the Oculus Rift can be upgraded to Oculus Touch and reach out to interact with the VR world through their own two hands!

Oculus Rift can be set up just about anywhere, and adjusted to fit the needs of whatever space you're playing in. This is the perfect gift for someone whose epic PC needs to be taken to the next level, and will absolutely change the way someone thinks about playing games in the future.

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PlayStation VR - For the gamers

PlayStation VR

Know someone with a PlayStation 4? There's a good change you'd make their year by adding a PlayStation 4 to their gaming experience. Sony made this VR headset just for feeling like you are actually in the game, and there's a ton of amazing games ready for the gamer in your life to dive into.

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PlayStation VR requires you to have a little bit of space to move around in, so make sure whoever you're gifting to has a Living Room or gamespace that will let them dodge flying objects in VR without accidentally taking out the corner lamp. Otherwise, sit back and watch as your gift becomes a whole new way to experience games!

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