Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation for Xbox One

Saturday Game School is our weekly Windows Central livestream in which we play an Xbox One game and give out free games and prizes to our live viewers. It's like a live podcast, only you also get to watch a game while chatting with our awesome readers and viewers!

Tonight on Mixer, we played Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation, the latest expansion to the free Dungeons & Dragons-themed MMO, and gave out more than 50 contest exclusive mounts! Read on for contest winners and quick impressions.

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Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation

Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation for Xbox One

Neverwinter is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons universe. Players will team up to battle against Valindra, a powerful Lich, the Demogorgon, a fierce two-headed demon, and other monstrous foes who threaten the peaceful city of Neverwinter and surrounding lands.

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The all-new and free Tomb of Annihilation expansion brings the following features:

  • Chult Jungle Adventure Zone – A brand new area to explore and quest in!
  • Port Nyanzaru Social Hub.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods Dungeon (for endgame players).
  • Monster Hunts with Volo, the famed explorer and monster authority.
  • Tomb of Annihilation Campaign.
  • Other features: An additional bag slot, private PvP queues, dinosaur mounts, heroic encounters, and repeatable adventures.

Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation for Xbox One

As you prepare for the Tomb of Annihilation, don't miss our Neverwinter resources:

The Tomb of Annihilation is an exciting expansion that adds dinosaurs to the world of Neverwinter, and we'll show you the opening moments. Neverwinter is free to play and fairly monetized, so don't miss out on the adventure!

The Contest

Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation for Xbox One

We streamed Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation for ~90 minutes. During that time, we gave out the following Neverwinter prize codes:

  • 50 Green Stained Gorgon mounts for Xbox One
  • 30 Blue Stained Gorgon mounts for PlayStation 4 (North American accounts only)
  • These mounts are contest-exclusive and offer a 50% speed bonus and two insignia slots.

Winners: Green Stained Gorgon mount for Xbox One

  • Shadrain
  • Oblivion275
  • Jordan650
  • NarcoSleepy
  • littlebib
  • Inatrance702
  • DEADP00L1391
  • emericagirl24
  • pandjman
  • Link1207
  • jwendling
  • DarkSixx
  • Dementcha
  • bxlatinoheat
  • PerfectZer0
  • Scrtch
  • Spongebuu
  • Wolfblayde25
  • MissedByThatMch
  • terrokkinit
  • Marteneee
  • Zehel
  • xxxxxR0CKYxxxxx
  • IrrelevantNative
  • Shanevolution
  • t3chgy007
  • F1reReader
  • DirtBagMan
  • Dakrkplayer2
  • HahaImadeAfunny
  • WestX
  • IndiaStingray
  • BaberhamLincoln
  • RonaldDump

Winners: Blue Stained Gorgon mount for PlayStation 4

  • t3chgy007
  • SoulPrince
  • GiornoGiva
  • Kannamit
  • Tylerh1701
  • Munkywawa
  • EasterEggs
  • JaneysGotAGun
  • MrGray
  • LancelotLink
  • Elmo2429

Tonight's prizes provided by Perfect World Entertainment. Thanks also to our stream moderators for keeping the peace and giving away the prizes!

Future streams

Neverwinter Tomb of Annihilation for Xbox One

Saturday Game School always starts at the same time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 6pm PT, 2am GMT). Here is our tentative schedule of upcoming streams:

  • September 30: Killing Floor 2, the amazing co-op horde-style shooter from Tripwire Interactive. Win a copy of this fresh retail release and get ready to kill some Zeds!
  • October 7: Beyond Eyes, the beautiful adventure game from Team17 about how a blind girl experiences the world.

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