App Roundup: Gym Apps

Windows Phone Central App Roundup: Gym Apps

Fitness MonthFitness month is well underway and this week's Windows Phone Central roundup will focus on apps to help you make the most of your gym workouts. These apps are flexible enough to be of use in a formal gym setting or the less formal environment of a basement gym.

Each include workout programs designed to build and strengthen various muscle groups. We will even throw in an app designed to give you a complete workout in a very short time.

Hardfox 6Pack

HardFox SixPack

Focusing on your abdominal muscles, HardFox SixPack offers a 42-day training schedule that is based on the "Aerobic Weider Six" which many consider the best way to convert your abs into a 6 pack.

HardFox 6Pack Menus

The app is simply laid out, as is most of the gym apps in this week's roundup. The main page has a "Go to Training" button to launch the day's workout session and offers you access to the app's settings, workout statistics, workout schedule and how-to guide. Settings are minimal with options to disable the lockscreen timer or run the app under a lockscreen. You also have the option to clear the workout stats.

The app is a collection of leg lifts, abdominal crunches and other exercises that will strengthen and tone your abs. Voice commands will guide you through each exercise.

Hardfox 6Pack routines

While the workouts come across as low-impact exercises, they get their impact through the number of repetitions required for each exercise. As you begin the 42-day training regiment, you'll be required to do six reps of each of the six exercises in the series. The number of cycles will increase each week as your abdominal muscles strengthen.

HardFox SixPack is a handy and simple to use Windows Phone gym app that will help you develop and tone your abs.

  • HardFox SixPack - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices - Free - Store Link

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7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout

For the times you don't have a lot of time to devote to exercise, the Windows Phone gym app 7 Minute Workout will maximize your results in a minimum amount of time. The app delivers the 7-minute workout from the American College of Sports Medicine Health and involves twelve exercises that will only require your presence and a chair.

7 Minute Workout Menu

The app's interface is simple with the main menu having options to launch the workout along with access the app's settings, restart a workout, share the app and view the help guide from control buttons that line the bottom of the screen. Settings cover how the app runs under the lockscreen and some customizations on the workout plan. You can increase or decrease the number of sets and change the order of the exercises. Just keep in mind that as you increase the number of sets, you also increase the time the overall session requires.

7 Minute Workout

The twelve exercises include:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Wall Sit
  • Push-ups
  • Abdominal Crunches
  • Step-ups
  • Squats
  • Tricep Dips
  • Plank
  • High Knees
  • Lunges
  • Push-up Rotations
  • Side Plank

To get started with your workout, just tap the Start Tile on the main page of the app with voice commands guiding you through each exercise and rest periods. If time is an issue preventing you from spending time at a gym, the 7 Minute Workout Windows Phone app comes across as a solid option for your home workouts.

  • 7 Minute Workout - Windows Phone 8 - Free - Store Link

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Gym PocketGuide

Gym PocketGuide

Described as a personal workout encyclopedia, the Gym PocketGuide offers a wide assortment of exercises designed to help you lose fat and build muscle. The Windows Phone app has over one hundred exercises with plenty of illustrations, videos and step-by-step guides.

Programs are categorized by male or female body building, fat loss for males and females as well as programs to build mail muscle. Workouts cover six muscles groups and stretches are divided by upper and lower body.

Gym PocketGuide Main Pages

Gym PocketGuide does not require a data connection to access the workout library, which will save you time and data. Programs are designed around a seven-day schedule with the ability to create a custom day to better fit your workout needs or tastes. You can also pin the workouts to your Start Screen for easy access.

Gym PocketGuide Workouts

Gym PocketGuide is a user friendly gym app that offers a healthy supply of workout information to guide you through your gym programs. The free version is more along the lines of a reference guide while the Pro version ($1.99) offers these additional features:

  • Unlimited custom workouts and days
  • Workout data recording for sets, reps, weights and notes
  • BMI Calculator
  • Rest Timer (available with free version when you share it)
  • OneDrive backup

If you need an easy to use exercise reference app, the free version of Gym PocketGuide does a good job of things. If you need a little more meat on the bones with your gym app, then the Pro Version might suit you better.

  • Gym PocketGuide - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link
  • Gym PocketGuide Pro - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Trial / $1.99 - Store Link

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6 Week Training

6 Week Training

Just starting to hit the gym and need a training regiment to get you on the right track? The Windows Phone app 6 Week Training might be of interest. The app presents a six-week exercise program that is based on five exercises; push-ups, sit-ups, squats, dips and pull-ups.

6 Week Training Menu

The 6 Week Training app will first run you through an initial test for each exercise to determine your appropriate workout level to start the program at. From there the app will guide you through a six-week regiment with exhaustion tests after week two, four and five to determine the intensity of the following week's program.

The fitness app also includes OneDrive integration to backup and restore your workout stats, Live Tile support to reflect your next workout reps, Reminders and a metronome feature that will let you pace your exercises. If you need a more intense workout, you can enable the Super Set feature, which replaces your breaks in between sets with additional exercises.

6 Week Training Workouts

6 Week Trainer is another easy to use workout app for your Windows Phone that not only can help you achieve your fitness goal but also maintain things.

  • 6 Week Training - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link



Billed as the most versatile and most efficient workout log for strength training and body building, ProGym offers a collection of exercises that can be tackled with or without weights from your home or gym.

ProGym has one of the healthiest collections of exercises that are broken down by the part of the body they focus on. There is an alphabetical listing as well as a listing by image to surf through to find the exercise that is best for your arms, legs, abs, etc. You can even customize exercises.

Exercise information includes the basic information about the exercise (area of the body worked, equipment needed, etc.) and a step-by-step instruction on how to perform the exercises. Along with the exercise database, ProGym has three sample workouts (upper body, lower body and chest/arms) and the ability to build your own, customized workout routines.

ProGym Menu

The main pages of ProGym includes:

  • An Exercise page where you can sift through the exercise database
  • A Workouts page where you can take advantage of one of the sample exercises or create your own
  • A History page that will show your workout sessions
  • An App page that gives you access to ProGym's settings, OneDrive backup and links to contact the developer and view the app's Facebook page

Settings for ProGym cover which page the app opens to, timer durations for exercise sets, turning on/off the sounds and what sound effect you want to hear when you set a new workout record.

ProGym Exercises

The trial version of ProGym is fully functional but is limited to the number of sessions you can use the Windows Phone app. ProGym may lack the guidance other workout apps have but makes up for it handily with the volume of exercises it makes available.

  • ProGym - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices - Trial / $.99 - Store Link

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Which app do you prefer?

First a few general observations on these Windows Phone gym apps.

  • HardFox SixPack is oriented solely on building your abs (which isn't a bad thing) but in the process, you'll give your legs a good workout as well.
  • The Gym PocketGuide (the free version) does offer a nice selection of exercises it lacks the features to chart/track your exercise history. For that you will need to upgrade to the Pro Version.
  • 6 Week Training is a solid exercise routine to get you up and running so to speak. The routine is simple enough not to overwhelm you and the app takes into account your individual progress through the assessment modes. If you need to take it up a notch, you can always replace the breaks with more exercises with the Super Set mode.
  • The 7 Minute Workout proves that you don't need a fancy gym membership, a lot of equipment or a lot of time to workout. The routine takes full advantage of every one of the seven minutes. If you have more time to devote to exercise, you can always increase the number of sets in a session. -.ProGym may be the heavy weight of these apps with a stocky exercise library. While ProGym has a few preset workouts, the app is more suited for those who prefer to develop their own workout routines.

All of the apps highlighted this week are capable of helping you work up a sweat. Instead of tapping one of the highlighted gym apps in this week's roundup as the best, as we did last week, we'll let you decide which is the best of the bunch by sounding off in our Reader's Poll. Just take part in the Reader's Poll, back up your choice in the comments below and over the weekend, we'll roundup the best gym apps from all the Mobile Nations websites.