Your head is full of passwords, everything from your email accounts to your credit cards; can anyone actually keep all of them straight? And once you actually do figure out the right one, you waste precious time filling in online forms with the same personal information over and over again. That actually adds up to hours you're never going to get back over the course of a year. That's a depressing thought.

As if passwords and forms weren't already enough to stress you out, there are the innumerable concerns over public Wi-Fi networks that you're forced to use when you're travelling or away from home or the office. How do you keep your private information private and safe from hackers when you're not using a secure network? You're no high-tech wizard, and hearing people talk about setting up a VPN (wait, a what?) sounds intimidating.

Deep breath, folks: we've got one stellar stone for both of these bothersome birds. Put all of your password woes and security concerns to rest with a tough-to-beat package deal from the folks at Dashlane Premium and Hotspot Shield Elite VPN. You'll have a quality password manager and a VPN(Virtual Private Network) and (best of all) no more worries!

Dashlane PremiumHotspot Shield Elite VPN

Right now, you can get the Dashlane Premium password manager and Hotspot Shield Elite VPN in a bundle from Windows Central Offers for only $69.99. That's 61% off the total price of both services! This outstanding discount includes a three-year subscription to both services.

With Dashlane Premium, you get unparalleled password management, including:

  • A digital wallet for all platforms
  • Autofill: never waste time filling out online forms again!
  • Encrypt/backup your account to the Cloud
  • Share necessary passwords with select people
  • Get access to your Dashlane account from anywhere online
  • Local encryption and storage that is incredibly secure

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN provides you with:

  • One simple click and you're using it; this doesn't require any high-tech know-how
  • The ability to bypass censors and blocks, which is excellent if you're a travelling expat and you're spending time in a country that does not allow full access to the web you're used to
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Tech support if you ever do run into problems
  • Keeping your browsing and communication history completely private
  • Protecting personal data (like passwords and credit card details) from hackers when you have to use a public Wi-Fi network

You'd spend over $175 for the three-year subscriptions to these amazing services any other day from any other provider. Take advantage of this Windows Central Offer and get Dashlane Premium and Hotspot Shield Elite VPN in a bundle for 61% off their combined price today!

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