In the last few years, many people have moved their business, banking, and personal information entirely to the internet. You might not remember the last time you were even in a bank, and all those correspondence emails have a ton of private stuff in them you'd hate to be made personal. Need to work from home? Sensitive corporate data should be protected while in transit.

A virtual private network (VPN) is an encryption tool that lets you send your information through an anonymous server located in a distant country. This makes it impossible for snoopers or hackers to tell where you're located, and the encrypted pathway keeps your data private. Most free VPN services are slow or not entirely safe, but paid VPN services are generally quite expensive.

Windows Central Digital Offers has a solution to the VPN dilemma. Right now we're offering a lifetime subscription to SaferVPN Basic for only $49 — that's 97% off the regular price of $1800. That's no typo! You get access to over 400 dedicated, anonymous servers in 30 countries that will shuttle your data safely using 256-bit encryption.

Digital Offer: Get a SaferVPN Basic lifetime subscription for only $49!

Not only is SaferVPN secure, it's also has one of the fastest connections available — they use their own servers rather than relying on third-party servers to ensure all users receive a quality connection. If there are any problems, customer support can be reached any hour, any day via live chat, email, or app.

Other VPN services put a limit on data and bandwidth, but not so here. Send as much data as fast as possible, and switch servers anytime you want. The app is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, so you're sure to be protected no matter which device you're using.

This is a VPN service truly worth $1800, but right now you'll only pay $49. Your subscription will never end, so you'll be protected for the entirety of your internet life. Don't let geo-restrictions block content, and don't let hackers or snoopers see what you're up to. Check out SaferVPN today to start browsing safely — hurry, this offer won't last long.

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